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Motivation Monday–Big Goals and Little Goals

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

It’s time to find your MOTIVATION!

It’s Motivation Monday and it was -8 degrees when I left the house this morning. YIKES! Time to check-in and make sure that you are motivated to start your week and also to work hard to accomplish your mini-goals which will bring you closer to your final goals.

During the cold, gray winter days it is easy to take the easy way out and to say, “I’ll workout tomorrow when it’s warmer . . .” Making excuses makes it that much harder to reach your goals. People always think I am nuts for working out in the bitter cold and for running up mountains in the snow in the wee hours of the morning.  But for me, doing these things is what gives me energy and makes me feel alive. Plus, doing all of this hard work out in the crazy cold weather will bring me closer to reaching my goals every day.

Motivation Monday-Run after your dreams. . .Jason Reeves

Motivation Monday-Run after your dreams. . .Jason Reeves

How do you go about setting goals for yourself?

I have dreams of being a faster runner. I aspire to run as fast as those who inspire me. I run with people who are stronger than me to challenge myself because it requires me to dig deep to find my strength and to find my mental toughness.

Rather than always  focusing on the end goal I set smaller goals for myself.  By setting goals on a weekly basis I am able to feel encouraged by my progress as well as to assess my progress and see if I am getting where I want to be. To make myself more accountable I am going to try to make this a part of my Monday motivation posts. I am working on becoming more self-aware and also focusing on the positives in my life.

My Big Goals for Spring 2013

  1. Run the Winter Wild Race Series and maintain or better 3rd place standings in my age group from last year.
  2. Run the Boston Prep 16 Miler (next weekend!!!!)
  3. Run a strong Boston Marathon, faster than my 3:33 qualifying time
  4. Run my first official Trail Ultra-Pineland Farms 50K

My Little Goals for this week

The perfect advice! Always love the run!

The perfect advice! Always love the run!

  1. Enjoy my workouts!
  2. Work on improving my mental toughness during workouts. I think some yoga is in order to practice my focus.
  3. Don’t get too competitive with myself during my runs this week. I need to make sure I follow the planned pace for my workouts in order to keep my legs rested for the 16 miler this weekend.
  4. Get more SLEEP! (this goal will always be on my list because as all busy parents know sleep usually takes a backseat to all else.)
  5. HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! I feel like I am always operating in a constant state of dehydration.
  6. Focus on my course work for Institute of Integrative Nutrition  . Classes started last week and I can’t wait to really get underway on my new journey to becoming a Certified Health Coach
  7. Play and laugh with my kids!
Trail running heaven in the snow with two amazing and strong runners=the perfect motivation

Trail running heaven in the snow with two amazing and strong runners=the perfect motivation

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16 responses

16 responses

  1. Great goals! All very achievable when you put in the work. I love that you add playing and laughing with your kids. Probably the best goal of all!

    1. Thanks! What are some of your goals?
      Playing with my kids comes first and foremost of course 😉

    1. I know, I actually found this on Pinterest and I feel like it perfectly sums up the attitude that you should have to achieve greatness!

    1. Yes, I definitely want to work on writing down my small goals because it makes me more accountable and I feel awesome when I can cross something off the list! What are some of your goals?

  2. excellent!!!
    i have found a renewed motivation and this post has inspired me to take a good look at my spring goals as well as goals for this week. will be working on a post today!
    thanks, Sandra!

    1. You are very welcome. I try so hard to stay focused and motivated during this gray time of year. Setting goals especially picking races gives me something to look forward too. Plus now the winter Wild Races keep it interesting in the winter too! Good luck with your goal setting. I can’t wait to see what you have coming up!

  3. That picture of trail running in the snow looks awesome and so peaceful. Thanks for the motivation. My butt has been dragging a little bit and I need to commit and refocus. Love your goals!

    1. It is hard not to feel like you are draggin at this time of year. The temps are currently hovering right around zero right now which stinks! This was a beautiful trail run. We mad fresh tracks in the snow and the temperature was just right so we were not too cold! Thanks for checking out my goals and stay motivated! Do you have any new goals?

  4. Great goals! I had some friends try to talk me into the Pineland Farms 50K…I want to do a marathon first before I tackle that!

    Super jealous of your trail run. Looks gorgeous!

    Thanks for the link love!

    1. Hi Angela!

      Oh, it would have been fun to have you at Pineland Farms but I totally understand! Which marathon are you considering? Have you been doing any running in this bitter cold? You will definitely have to come up sometime for a long trail run! This run was amazing!
      Happy running and OM

  5. Hey beautiful- I’m moving back to Chi because I’m crazy in love. I left for a bit to Cali to figure things out, save up some money and weigh career options. Now that I’ve had time to assess and some talks with the BF we’ve decided to take the crazy next step and move in together (eek!) but moving back to Cali or somewhere else years down the line isn’t off the table either, right now though, starting my career in Chicago and being with him seems like the best bet.

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