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Motivation Monday-It’s Spring?!?!

It’s Spring!!!!!

What? Wait, no . . . it’s still January. The grass is peeking through, mud is everywhere and smiles are everywhere.

It’s 47 degrees in January in New Hampshire!!!!!

It's spring!?!?!

It’s spring!?!?!

I am bummed that the snow has temporarily decided to leave us because it means that my cross country skis will have to wait for the next snowstorm but if this isn’t MOTIVATION to get outside and run, I don’t know what is!

So get and there and go for a run!!!! You will be happy that you did!

Go for it!



2 responses

2 responses

    1. It was so great to get out for a run without having to get all bundled up! It’s back to being cold today now though 🙁

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