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Motivation Monday (Tuesday) : Mini Winter Wild Mountain Runners and goals

Motivation . . .

It’s Monday and wow! am I tired! I will have to dig deep to find my motivation for the week ahead. What about you? What will you do to find your motivation this week to get out and run? . . . do you have a big race coming up? Are you training for a marathon or do you just have some personal fitness, health and wellness goals that you are trying to achieve in your everyday life?

Here are my goals for the week to help me keep my motivation and hopefully I will be able to check my goals off the list at the end of the week.

Organic Runner Mom’s Weekly Goals

  1. Go to BED earlier!!!! I am so busy these days–Running around taking care of my busy kids (ages 4 and 2), Working for our family business (Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs), Fulfilling the weekly requirements for my Health Coaching Program (Integrative Institute of Nutrition), and of course TRAINING for the Boston Marathon. I am in the habit of going to bed WAY too late which has got to change!
  2. Make at least 2 new recipes! (Check HERE for last weeks new delicious recipe!)
  3. Clean and Organize the toys. This clutter post holidays is driving me NUTS! Do you have any awesome systems for organizing your home?
  4. Complete core strengthening exercises twice this week because those abs of steel are not going to happen on their own unless perhaps you use the “As Seen on TV AB BELT” which claims to tone your abs through muscle stimulation without any exercise at all!!! (REALLY?!?!?)

    The AB BELT!

    The AB BELT!

  5. Do some YOGA to achieve some inner-peace. 

    My little yogis in training

    My little yogis in training

  6. RUN!!!!! The next Winter Wild Mountain Running race is coming up this weekend at Ragged Mountain (Check out the race details from last year HERE) and I need to work hard to maintain my standings in the series (currently 2nd overall in my Age Group!).
Winter Wild Mountain Running Series–If you take on this winter challenge brought to you by Team Amp (Chad Denning) you might be the winner of some Pete and Gerry's Organic Eggs in the awesome post race raffle!

Winter Wild Mountain Running Series–If you take on this winter challenge brought to you by Team Amp (Chad Denning) you might be the winner of some Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs in the awesome post race raffle!

(make sure you notice the “photo bomb” by fellow #Fitfluential and blogger “BigzigFitness” in the back. He is now hooked on this crazy mountain running series thanks to me!)

And now for some extra motivation and entertainment for you today and the rest of the week here are my kids doing their early morning “Winter Wild” mountain running race at our house.

What Goals do you have for yourself this week to keep up your motivation?

 Motivation quote Steve Chandler


And later this week my recap of The Boston Prep 16 Miler.


4 responses

4 responses

  1. I just posted my weekly chase post with my goals for the week. I am working towards creating a study plan for the CPA exam ~ Audit section, get in all of my runs and planks, contact a blog designer about a re-do and at work I plan to get organized and answer all emails before I leave for the day.

    I love having goals to work towards every week. Good luck with your goals!!

  2. Love the little yogis! So cute!

    You got this week in the bag! I just know it! Your mountain adventure isn’t gonna know what hit it 🙂

  3. Hey Sandra, I love the weekly goals. I have plenty of time to rethink all of mine while I await my surgery on my meniscus. After having emotions of disbelief that it happened and that I can’t run for 3 months, I pulled it together. I have cracked down on my nutrition (8lbs gone, pat on back) and those pintrest ab videos are great. I’m still hopeful that I will be able to recover/get base back/ and train for the Hartford Marathon in Oct…

    By the way… to clean I like to start with the” from the left to right method”. good luck.

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