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Monday Motivation: Top five reasons to love training with a friend

Training with a friend=the best support you will need

1. A friend will encourage you as you reach for your goals.
2. A friend will challenge you when you need the extra push to work a little harder.
3. A friend will be your strength when racing when you reach a tough point. “Borrow” their strength and use it to pull you through.
4. A friend will laugh with you when you train together and wear crazy running outfits with you or be there when you miss your goal or have a tough run.
5. When you train with a friend there is a quiet understanding that some days it’s better to just run and be quiet but sometimes the company is what you really need.

#MondayMotivation Friends

#MondayMotivation Friends



11 responses

11 responses

    1. I love that you run with your husband. My husband is planning to try trail running. I can’t wait to go on some adventures with him. Do you train for long races together?

      I just loved this Pooh quote. Seemed very fitting!

  1. I agree!!! I love running with my girls!! It makes those long runs go by so much faster! BTW…I’m totally trying your avocado/egg salad this week. 🙂

    1. That is awesome that your husband trains with you. My husband is actually thinking about getting into some trail running. I am so excited to have him join me on the trails! Thanks for checking out my blog. Happy running Julie!

  2. aww what a great post!! definitely reminds me why I need to keep hunting for the right training partner

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