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Monday Motivation: Top five reasons to love training with a friend

Training with a friend=the best support you will need

1. A friend will encourage you as you reach for your goals.
2. A friend will challenge you when you need the extra push to work a little harder.
3. A friend will be your strength when racing when you reach a tough point. “Borrow” their strength and use it to pull you through.
4. A friend will laugh with you when you train together and wear crazy running outfits with you or be there when you miss your goal or have a tough run.
5. When you train with a friend there is a quiet understanding that some days it’s better to just run and be quiet but sometimes the company is what you really need.

#MondayMotivation Friends

#MondayMotivation Friends



11 responses

11 responses

    1. Thanks! I just love my friends and love that they are all amazing runners too!

    1. I love that you run with your husband. My husband is planning to try trail running. I can’t wait to go on some adventures with him. Do you train for long races together?

      I just loved this Pooh quote. Seemed very fitting!

  1. I agree!!! I love running with my girls!! It makes those long runs go by so much faster! BTW…I’m totally trying your avocado/egg salad this week. 🙂

    1. YES! I can’t wait to hear what you think about the avocado egg salad recipe! Happy running!

    1. That is awesome that your husband trains with you. My husband is actually thinking about getting into some trail running. I am so excited to have him join me on the trails! Thanks for checking out my blog. Happy running Julie!

  2. I love my running friends as well.. nothing better than someone who completely understands our sport, and helping each other get through those tough moments is priceless.

  3. aww what a great post!! definitely reminds me why I need to keep hunting for the right training partner

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