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Monday Motivation (a little late)-Setting Mini-Goals to stay Motivated

Do you have a case of the Mondays? When Monday arrives the hope is that your day will start with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. However sometimes after a weekend of running around with the kids I often feel exhausted.  I am looking for ways to solve this by becoming more organized and by setting mini-goals at the start of the week to keep me motivated and on track.

How do you get motivated on a Monday?

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Here are my mini-goals for the week to help improve my energy to stay motivated:

1. Get more SLEEP!

For some reason I have turned into an insomniac and have been going to bed way to late. I am going to use the turning back of the clocks this weekend as my reset button. I was able to get to bed last night 1 hour earlier due to the time change and am planning to work hard to make this happen every night.

accumulated sleep loss – that means losing sleep on a daily basis, adds up.”

-Psychology Today-Why sleep is important

Being someone who has also dealt with postpartum depression, depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder I know how important sleep is to keeping serotonin levels regulated which helps to keep depression in check. Also according to Web MD, “Poor sleep can lead to fatigue. With fatigue, you exercise less and that leads to a decline in your fitness level. Eventually, you find yourself in a vicious cycle of inactivity and disturbed sleep, which causes both physical and mood-related symptoms.”

It is time to break the cycle and get some sleep (this is sometimes extra difficult being a mom with little kids who are at home sick but I will try my hardest!) How do you ensure that you get enough sleep every night?


I know that this is one that many of us are guilty of. Sometimes I get so busy during the day running around with the kids that I forget to grab a drink of water. The result . . . mild dehydration and a reduced energy level.  It is pretty hard to feel motivated when you feel lethargic. Did you know that according to Kimberley Goad of, “You also need potassium — the mineral that helps regulate fluid balance in the body.” Along with a drink of water Goad recommends, “aim for at least one serving of a potassium-rich food or drink — such as avocado, coconut water, banana, white potato — each day.” 

Avocados help to keep your fluids in balance.

Avocados help to keep your fluids in balance.

It’s time to fill up that water bottle, or even better make a smoothie with some avocado in it (essentially killing two birds with one stone).

 Good luck this week staying motivated and please share your mini-goals with me!

Happy running!

Set your own goals.

Set your own goals.



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