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Mocha Latte Coffeebar, the best energy bar and a giveaway!

Eat your coffee! Check out Mocha Latte Coffeebar from New Grounds Foods.

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New Grounds Food. Eat Your Coffee Mocha Latte COFFEEBARS

New Grounds Food. Eat Your Coffee Mocha Latte COFFEEBARS.  Is it the best energy bar?

I have just found the perfect way to get a nice morning energy buzz going! Recently I was contacted by Johnny Fayad, Co-founder & CEO of New Ground Foods to try out their new Mocha Latte Coffeebar. Could this be the best energy bar to start your day?. Johnny along with his Northeastern University classmate Ali Kothari created the Coffeebar for the Husky Start-Up challenge. Their product was a hit on campus and so they have decided to move forward with a Kickstarter to get their first flavor Mocha Latte off the ground and buzzing.

I am not a coffee drinker but sometimes feel a little slow to start in the morning. This is not your typical energy bar! This may be the best energy bar that I have discovered. Coffeebar has one full shot of espresso in it and its vegan, gluten free, soy free and made in the USA.  Here is a peek at the ingredients in a Mocha Latte Coffeebar:


Date Paste, Brown Rice Syrup, Gluten Free Oats, Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Chips, Almond Butter, Cashews, Crisp Rice, Agave Fiber, Espresso, Chia Seeds, Cinnamon and Sea Salt.

Mocha Latte Coffeebar tastes like coffee with a sweet combination of chocolate and cinnamon added in.  I tend to be very sensitive to caffeine so the whole bar definitely gave me a good jolt (Perhaps I might eat half the next time so Organic Runner Dad doesn’t have to peel me off the ceiling!).  I loved the texture of Coffebar as well which comes from the addition of date paste, almond butter, cashews and crisp rice.  I would definitely throw a coffeebar into my hydration pack for my long training runs. I don’t know about you but sometimes when I run I crave caffeine which can be great in energy gels but now I eat a lot more “REAL” food on my training runs so this is an awesome alternative.

Kickstarter. Help New Ground Foods take their amazing Coffeebars to the next level!

Kickstarter. Help New Ground Foods take their amazing Coffeebars to the next level!

New Grounds Food has just launched its first KICKSTARTER for Coffee Bar and I hope you will check it out. This is a products that I would highly recommend! In order to take Coffeebar to the next level they are hoping to raise funds to “clothe” their Coffebars. Northeastern’s student design team has developed really cool packaging for Coffeebars. If you join the kickstarter for New Ground Foods CoffeeBars you will be taking this product to the next level so that they can expand their marketing and reach into a store near you! There are some awesome perks for backers and you can read more about how the company started by heading on over NOW to join the KICKSTARTER. Please join in helping to make this the best energy bar. You will love the all natural energy!

Our Coffeebars are Naked!

Our Coffeebars are Naked!

And now to give you that extra shot of espresso to energize your morning New Grounds Food has offered to provide one of my readers with a giveaway of one box (12 bars) of Mocha Latte Coffeebars so that you can “Eat Your Coffee” too! I hope you will check out this awesome edible coffee and that you will check out their Kickstarter!

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Have an energized day and thanks for stopping by!

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44 responses

44 responses

  1. oh my goodness!!!! Beyond excited about these! Pretty sure this could be my go-to breakfast!!

  2. Love, love, love coffee! This would be a great afternoon snack for me while I pick up my kids from school.

  3. I like coffee with cinnamon or pumpkin spice coffee, I would eat this with y cup of coffee in the morning

  4. I love a cinnamon and hazelnut type of flavor in my coffee…and I suspect I would eat these bars while driving my kids around to activities! 🙂

  5. I like all kinds of coffee and I would love to try these mid afternoon… I always have a coffee and a snack at that time. GREAT idea!

  6. Really delicious coffee bars, unlike any other nutrition bars which has weird after taste but these new grounds food coffee bars are delicious to the last bite.
    Must eat .

  7. Mocha Latte is one of my favorite coffee fravor and I’d love to try it early in the afternoon before exersice!

  8. Hazelnut with brown sugar, yum. Without my daily morning coffee I won’t be able to function at all, the end.

  9. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
    I love all kid of coffees, and if I have tha chance towin, I would eat it in the morning or the bggining of the day o get some more energy!
    Fingers crossed!

  10. I too love the hazelnut type~~~ and these coffee bars would be awesome to keep me pumped up until midnight to study for my exams :,)

  11. Pumpkin is my favorite flavor of coffee, and I would eat these bars in the mid afternoon for a pick me up!

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