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Meg’s Miles #MegsMiles

Meg's Miles

Meg’s Miles

We came together to run and remember Meg Menzies on Saturday. Meg was a mother, a wife, a friend, and a runner. Her life was taken too soon while she was out doing something that she had a passion for, running, training for the Boston Marathon. She leaves behind her husband, her 3 beautiful angels, family members and those who embraced the gift of knowing her. Another persons careless decision decided the fate of that day. We hope peace will find Meg’s family and fill their hearts and carry them, unable to imagine the depths of grief that must be overwhelming.

We joined together as a group ran over snowy trails and thought of Meg. We reflected upon the fragility of life as we experienced the beauty of nature. We breathed in the crisp mountain air, and listened to the crackling snow under each foot strike.  We were grateful to be together. 9 miles of together that should have been Meg’s 9 miles too. We breathed in the quiet and peace under the open sky.

9 miles of peace and nature dedicated to Meg Cross Menzies

9 miles of peace and nature dedicated to Meg Cross Menzies

None of us knew Meg but we knew the importance of running together for Meg’s Miles. Meg is each one of us. We need to stand together and run and remind others the importance of thinking before you act. Think of all of those lives that you might affect by one decision. Make choices to ensure the safety of those around you because it could be your loved one that is impacted.

I will continue to dedicate my miles to #MegsMiles as I train for the Boston Marathon this year as this should have been her race too.  I hope you will lace up your shoes for Meg too and breathe in all that is around you for her and remember that life can be fleeting.

Take a walk in the forest and smell the wild air.

Take a walk in the forest and smell the wild air.


2 responses

2 responses

    1. This is what gets me the most about tragedies such as this. Her life was cut way too short and it is not fair to her children 🙁

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