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Peak marathon training and now I am sick.

Healing Tea

Healing Tea

I can’t be sick. I am training for a marathon.

Peak training time when you are a marathoner is exciting. As you see the miles climb to your maximum distance before race day the possibility of running 26.2 miles becomes realistic. The daunting 26.2 mile distance seems within reach. If you are like me and many long distance runners you begin to almost hold your breath during peak training because if injury or illness happen at this time it seems way too close to race day.

Last week I finished an awesome 21 miles and although feeling physically strong I definitely felt a bit off during the run. On Sunday I began to realize why this was perhaps not my best run . . . I was about to get sick! As the week wore on my health went downhill. My energy was totally zapped and as for running mileage for the week my total was zero. By Friday I was at the doctors office after several sleepless nights of horrendous coughing. Ugh! The doctor confirmed it. Viral Bronchitis. Thankfully it was not pneumonia. The best course of action was lots of rest and I was given some cough medicine and an inhaler to help manage the coughing so that I could get some sleep. I spent the entire weekend in bed with absolutely zero interest in lacing up my running shoes.  All I wanted was the comfort of my warm bed, some snuggles from my kids, some chicken noodle soup and lots and lots of hot tea.

It is so hard to be sick and being this sick at the peak of my training has me feeling a bit nervous. Thankfully I got sick during a “rest week” and my coach has encouraged me to continue to rest and to just take things a day a time. According to the Mayo Clinic its ok to exercise when, “symptoms are all above the neck.” This means that until things clear up in my chest I need to take it slow. The last thing I want to do is to start up to quickly before my body is ready and become even sicker. I am thanking my lucky stars that the marathon is still a month away.

I guess this is all just my body’s way of telling me it needed some rest. Here’s to better health and happy running!


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