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Sunny Day, Sweepin’ the Clouds Away: A perfect marathon pace run

On my way to where the air is sweet . . . spring is in the air and marathon training is in full swing!

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Today was a day to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The air felt different today. The birds are beginning to sing more and the sun felt warm on the backs of my legs.  Living in New Hampshire some of the earliest glimpses of spring are the wide smiles and upbeat energy from people all around. I ran today with no hat, no gloves and only two layers on top. Now I am waiting for one of my favorite birds to begin greeting me along my runs from high atop the telephone wires, the red-winged blackbird. Spring is coming . . . the changed energy in the environment today motivated me on my run today.

I ran my marathon pace run today alone. I needed peace and quiet today to find my focus. I felt strong. My energy has finally returned from being sick and today I found my stride. I warmed up and worked out the tightness in my hip-flexors from my long run in the snow last weekend. It felt great to sweat and not be cold today. Breathing felt much easier without the cold air causing a heaviness during harder effort runs.  I had forgotten my Garmin for the run today which was actually kind of a nice break from focusing on the numbers. Instead today I listened to my body and ran to feel good. I ran a moderately challenging loop with some minor hills and enjoyed the energy from the sun. The sweat and an excellent endorphin kick rewarded me at the end of the run. I could have stayed out running all morning!

Did you get out to run today? Spring is on its way so the cold weather outside will no longer be an excuse. Go and get out and challenge yourself! 

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5 responses

5 responses

  1. sounds like a fantastic run and a gorgeous picture. And yes, can spring arrive already please??

    1. It’s been so cold here and the snow has been less than great so I am definitely ready for spring too!

  2. Being on mud season! I’m so ready! Didn’t get my run outside but the kids I soaked up the warmth as much as we could.

  3. I love marathon pace runs. Challenging but not killer.

    It looks like it was a beautiful day. Spring is approaching. It’s already March 1!

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