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M is for. . .

M is for. . .


Happy belated Mother’s Day!My Mother’s Day weekend was filled with sniffly, snuffly, snuggles and sad tears from my two kiddos. Both sick and Daddy too. A nasty cold for Daddy, a double ear infection for Brock, and pneumonia for Piper. The weekend entailed two trips to the walk-in clinic at the hospital. A chest x-ray, throat cultures, several trips to the drugstore and a lot of naps.

Mommy and Buggy Mommy and Brocky Bear

M is for . . .
We might need to buy stock in the pink stuff (amoxicillin). Hopefully I will NOT be needing any medicine before the marathon. Fingers are crossed!

Anyone else have bad memories of “the pink sutff” from when you were little? Piper says it tastes like bananas.

M is for . . .
My kids become monsters when they are about to get sick. Thankfully we have a furry blue monster named Grover and a snuggly Zebra blankie (affectionately know as ZEE-Dah) for Brock who help us feel better!

Brave Patient after getting her first x-ray. Thankfully Grover did not have pneumonia too!

M is for . . .
Get out there and run to get those miles in. 12 super miles to be exact on beautiful back roads with mountain views. Running at marathon pace, testing out my race day speed. I know I can do this! I executed a great solo training run and my legs actually didn’t feel that great (perhaps fighting hard to not get sick?!?!)

Don’t over think

M is for . . .
Less than two weeks to go until The Vermont City Marathon. I am trying not to get nervous and now I hope to stay away from all of the wicked germs that have invaded our home. I am ready for this! The countdown is on!

See you at the starting line.

M is for . . .
Mountain Pose
I went to a very much-needed yoga class tonight at my beautiful friend Carolyn Smith’s yoga studio Rising Spirit Yoga in Wells river Vermont. In the weeks leading up to the marathon after all of the long miles, my body is craving the deep stretching that yoga brings as well as the calm meditation and focused, quiet that will help guide me to the finish on race day.



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