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Wellness Discussion: Low Blood Sugar and migraines

It’s not always about running. Today I’m talking about issues with my health and wellness.

A Discussion of wellness issues

A Discussion of wellness issues

I’m taking a break from talking about running today to talk about something that has been an ongoing struggle for me,  dropping blood sugar levels and migraines that are becoming increasingly frequent. I have always been a very thin individual with a very quick metabolism. I am very prone to suffering from sugar crashes if I don’t have just the right food to eat. I have always needed to keep snacks on hand in case one of these sugar swings happens to try to get my blood sugar level back up quickly. When I was a kid at summer camp we had to set up a special plan with the nurse so that I could stop in at ay time to grab a quick snack because the time between meals was often too big. It sounds crazy but I would often bring a lunch from home and then also get hot lunch at school to get enough calories to give me enough energy to get through the day.

What happens when I begin to feel like I am crashing? It happens quickly. Suddenly I will begin to feel weakness in my limbs and even sometimes tingling in my feet and hands. My heart feels somewhat like it is racing. I become shaky. This is often accompanied by feelings of nausea, a developing migraine, and I can feel the color draining from my face. I dealt with this a ton during my second pregnancy with my son and had to have my blood sugar level monitored. Since then this problem crops up on occasion although it seems as if it is becoming more frequent.

These events are frustrating because there doesn’t seem to be any know trigger and once it starts it is hard to get myself back on track and feeling good. The migraines that accompany this feeling can often be severe and often require a nap to alleviate the headache which can sometimes last all night through the morning. I am currently on a quest to figure out what causes this as I have been having these “episodes” more frequently, at least every two weeks now. My mileage for marathon training has been high so I am wondering if I am currently not getting enough balanced nutrition to keep my body happy?

In addition to all of this I have been having quite a bit of fatigue. Since I am training hard for a marathon P.R. It is hard to know if the feeling of being extra tired is from all of the training or something else.

What steps am I taking to get to the bottom of this issue and to take care of myself?

  • I am going to begin a headache journal to monitor the frequency of this and to see if I can pinpoint any triggers or patterns.
  • I have been to my doctor and we are currently running thyroid testing. Hashimoto’s syndrome runs in my family so we are checking to see if this is a possibility.
  • Contemplating keeping a food journal as well to pinpoint triggers.
  • Getting enough sleep. (Even when I am getting adequate sleep I am still tired.)

Have you ever struggled with any of this? Do you have any other suggestions for steps that I should take?

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19 responses

19 responses

  1. I have hypoglycemia, and this is definitely something I deal with quite a bit. I also have super low blood pressure. I’ve found that a lot of the prepackaged sports nutrition gels/chews make my blood sugar spike quickly, and sometimes does more harm than good. I really am trying to like the taste of Generation UCan, and I wish I did, because it has been super helpful with keeping my blood sugar stable during long runs!

  2. Could always be a myriad of things- Hope you can narrow it down quickly! You know the low side of sugar as I do as a person with Diabetes- not fun- I wonder if more natural sugar may be a little more steady, Honey or Maple(both now available as gels)? Good luck in Beantown!!

  3. I have low blood pressure and will occasionally have dizzy spells. Have you seen a neurologist? I also get migraines from time to time an experience aura with it- This article seems to describe some of your symptoms:

    “Some people with migraine have other types of aura, in which they experience problems such as numbness, tingling or weakness.”

    Hope this helps and hope can come up with a solution soon!

  4. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this. I get shaky and get headaches and nausea sometimes when I haven’t eaten in a while, but nothing like this. I hope you can get to the bottom of it and figure out a solution!

  5. I could have WRITTEN that first part, about blood sugar. It was extremely bad with pregnancy #2, I would go from fine to tunnel vision in a matter of minutes. One thing that I have found helps me a lot is a product called “cinnamon force” from New Chapter. I took it on a recommendation from my mother in law. It seems to really help stabilize my metabolism and blood sugar. Other than that, I’m an extreme snacker. I just eat little bits of food all day long, I simply can’t go long stretches without eating!
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  6. Hmmm well really could be anything. I get very tired and have issues due to an underactive thyroid. Fortunately, I don’t deal with migraines like I once used to. They are rough and I feel for you. I really hope you feel better soon!

  7. Oh no, I hope you start feeling better soon! It’s always frustrating to go to the doctor and not get a solid answer . . .cant’ tell you how many times this happens to me. argh. One time a doctor told me to just change my lifestyle (eg, don’t exercise so much SHE said)

  8. I don’t have any experience with this, but it sounds like a good idea to keep a journal to keep track of headaches and potential triggers so you hopeful figure out something! Take care 🙂
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