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Let’s check-in. A Goal for 2020.

Let's Check-In. A goal for 2020

Hi there! So I did not post my goals for 2020 yet. Usually this is something that I do at the beginning of January. What’s been holding me back? Well, you see, I usually load myself up with goals masking the real things that I need to work on. I tend to hide behind keeping myself busy rather than working on what really needs to be the focus.

So now I am ready to set a goal for 2020 or rather to set my intention for this new year even though it is almost February.

This year I am going to have one main goal, on e intention. My goal is to work on ME! Those of you who have been following my blog know my ups and downs with my mental health struggles . . . if not you can read more in these posts- My depression, Changing my outlook, hello it’s me . . . to get a small glimpse at my history. I need to make my main focus working on me. There are many things that are hard for me-I struggle with being alone, I have a hard time facing my feelings and fears, I allow negative people and negativity to influence my mood, I have a hard time saying no to the people that affect me with negativity, I don’t stop to breathe and make sure that what I am doing affects me positively before I act, I am guilty of negative self-talk and apologizing for myself, I let perfectionism drive me, I shut down when things become hard rather than being open to communication.

Let’s check-in. A goal for 2020. #goals #goalsetting #mentalhealth

It is time to start taking control of my life and to work towards making changes to these things. Will it be hard, YES but can I do it, YES! And I am going to work on this with the support of those who love and support me and my therapists.

I came across this posting on a friend’s facebook page today about how to become more self-empowered and found that it had a lot of good tips for helping me to work on my goal.

So many good steps here . . .

  • Creating daily rituals-for me this will mean beginning a journal.
  • Pausing and working through triggers rather than just reacting-This is a biggie for me. When I get triggered my response is to react right away which is a negative because I don’t give myself time to think. This needs to change!
  • Create Boundaries in your Relationships. I have never been great at this and often allow people to walk all over me, control me, or direct my actions . . . I need to CUT THIS OUT!!! It’s time to learn to say no and to set up boundaries.
  • Witness how you speak to yourself. It’s time to get rid of the negative self-deprecating voice.
  • Practice Saying “NO!” without apologizing. This is a tough one for me as I always ended up retracting my no or not making it a strong no by saying “I’m sorry.” which takes away it’s effectiveness.
  • Show gratitude towards the people who positively impact you. I need to make the positive people the focus of my days. And to not allow the negative people or people who do not lift me up to steal my energy. I have been allowing this for a long time. I need to foster the positive relationships that surround me.

Now that I’ve set my intention it is time to start putting in the hard work. Step one . . . I’ve got to start that journal!

What is your biggest goal for 2020?

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7 responses

7 responses

  1. My word if the year is “push”, so my intention is to push myself out of comfort zones and past my excuses. Stop being lazy in life and at home, and in my parenting and relationship.

  2. Ooo…I really need to work on doing #6 (I am so, so terrible at that one). I’m trying to get back into bullet journaling–I feel like I had my life way more “together” when I was keeping up with that! Best of luck to you on your goals!

  3. I could probably do a better job with most of these LOL. I do fairly well with saying no and not apologizing, and creating boundaries, but could always be better.

    These are great goals. <3

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