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Less than 7 weeks until the Boston Marathon

Yikes! Only 7 more weeks until the Boston Marathon!

Yikes! Only 7 more weeks until the Boston Marathon!

Time flies when you are freezing your buns off training for the Boston Marathon! Last night I received this e-mail from the B.A.A. “WHAAAAAT less than 7 weeks left!!!!” I got super excited about the upcoming Boston Marathon but also got my mind racing thinking about running another marathon. I am a planner in life. I like to have everything mapped out and I don’t like change. When you run a marathon you can’t plan for everything . . . it’s kind of like life that way. On race day you have to relax and let go of everything that you can’t control and just focus on the run. However being a planner (somewhat of a control freak?!?) as race day approaches I plan everything out literally down to which underwear I will be wearing and what I will be having for breakfast and as a possible snack before I run. It’s an exact science really. If you have run a marathon before you know exactly what I am talking about . . . if not you probably think I am crazy but that’s ok.

Thankfully I have seven more weeks to train, to get stronger physically and mentally, to practice my nutrition for the marathon, to try out my possible marathon day outfits (I don’t want chafing on race day after all), to plan my pre-race meals, to visualize my race, and to get in my final big mileage. After all the biggest part of a running a marathon is the journey along the way!

It's all about the journey. Let it go and just run.

It’s all about the journey. Let it go and just run.

Then on race day when the training is complete all that will be left to do is to trust my training, to embrace the moment (no matter how emotionally challenging it may be this year), and to RUN!

Are you getting ready??? I’ll see you in BOSTON SOON!


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