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Leaf Peeper Fall Five from Organic Runner Mom

Are you ready to become a leaf peeper?

Fall is here. I'm ready to be a leaf peeper!

Fall is here. I’m ready to be a leaf peeper!

It may officially be Leaf Peeper Season  (fall) but it is feeling like summer again in New Hampshire. This means big smiles and lots of outdoor time enjoying the glorious fall foliage with all of the crazy Leaf Peepers who are descending on the White Mountains! For those of you who don’t know what a leaf peeper is here is the official definiton from the Urban Dictionary:

Leaf Peeper: Someone who goes on vacation to watch leaves. Likely to be encountered in Upstate New York, Maine, and the rest of the North East.

Can also be used as a verb.

n. The roads are blocked ’cause of all the damn leaf peepers.

v. Look at all those fools from Florida leaf peepin’

1. SILLY LEAF PEEPERS: I do have to admit that the leaves are pretty spectacular this year and will be in all of their radiant glory just in time for my birthday coming up in the beginning of October. In case you are a hard core leaf peeper I found this awesome t-shirt for you!
Are you a professional leaf peeper?

Are you a professional leaf peeper?

2. FALL PHOTO Inspiration: Ok, so back to my leaf peeper fall five . . . This week the sun was shining, rainbows were lighting up the morning and the tall green grass gorgeous fall colors were enticing me out for some amazing trail running. Also I have discovered a new product from New Ground Foods–Mocha Latte Coffeebars, now you can “eat your coffee!” Be sure to stop by my post to enter my giveaway and also to find out how you can help New Grounds Foods to “clothe” their coffebars on Kickstarter!

Fast Fall Five from Instagram

Fast Fall Five from Instagram

3. BE A HERO: Please become a Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth HERO! Support ‪#‎CHaD‬ by making a donation on my fundraising page. I will be caping up as Wonder Woman to run the CHaD HERO Half Marathon & Ripcord 5K at the end of October. Thank you for your generous support! You can head on over to my fundraising page HERE

Be a hero at the CHaD Hero Half Marathon on October 26th!

Be a hero at the CHaD Hero Half Marathon!

4. APPLE PIE It’s apple picking season an it wouldn’t be apple picking season without apple pie. I’ll be making my favorite apple pie recipe for a friend this weekend and now you can too.

Here is the crust recipe that I always use (you will need lots of butter!). The recipe is originally from PopSugar and adapted from Smitten Kitten. You can find it on my PINTEREST board for sweet treats!

The recipe for the apple pie filling is one that I love from the Food Network from Chef Ina Garten because it includes lemon zest, orange zest, lemon juice, and orange juice.  You can find the recipe HERE!

5. October UNPROCESSED: It’s almost time for October Unprocessed again with Andrew Wilder from Eating Rules! For the past couple of years I have taken the October Unprocessed Challenge which is the perfect way to set goals for eating healthier for your family.  I strongly encourage you to check out this awesome challenge over at Eating Rules.  Basically the challenge is simple:

Commit to eating no processed foods during the month of October”

This is a great way to create a better awareness of how much processed food we eat in today’s society and will have you thinking about new and creative ways to prepare meals for you and your family. As a part of the challenge you will be provided with lots of helpful information and recipes as well as a community to join in with to talk about how you are eating #Unprocessed. To sign up for the challenge head on over to

October Unprocessed

October Unprocessed

Here’s to happy leaf peeping, healthy eating, and fun fall races!

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