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Last weeks workouts

Celebrating the Miles!

So my week is a little off. Since I now have the kids solo every other weekend since the divorce it means that I need to juggle the days of my workouts. But that’s all part of being a mom anyways. It’s always a juggling act with busy schedules. Let’s take a quick peek at how my half marathon training is going! The Wallis Sands Half Marathon is coming up on May 19th!

Monday-CrossFit small group training session. We worked on Power Cleans and Front Squats. Then we did an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for 15′ of cal bike, dumbell snatch, and reverse lunges with dumbells. We finished off with a 7 minute AMRAP of push-ups to failure and 15 sit-ups.

CrossFit killer

Tuesday-Rest Day

Wednesday-50 Minute run with 6X30′ Uphill Intervals with 3 minutes rest in between. I ran 5.52 miles around Hanover and found a nice little hill for my hill sprints. I always love uphill intervals as they are a good way to build strength and to get some quickness in your legs.

Time for some uphill intervals

Thursday-Yoga. 60′ Hatha Flow class. Always good for the stretching!

Friday-Rest Day

Saturday-Threshold Run. This was a 55 minute run that I did on the treadmill as it was in the 40’s and raining out and the kids were home. I warmed up for 15 minutes then did 3X8′ at threshold pace (comfortably hard, approx. 10k pace), 4:00 easy recovery. Then easy to finish. I definitely prefer doing this workout outside!

Treadmill Threshold Run

Sunday-Day off. Kids were at home all day so I switched my long run to Monday

Monday-Endurance Run with Fast Finish. 1:50 for the run for a total of 12.4 miles. 10 min gradual warm up. In the last 30 minutes begin to drop the pace so that the last 15 minutes are at goal pace with the last 3 minutes at best sustainable pace. This run was challenging with 1332 Feet of elevation gain over the course. The fast finish was tough because of the hills that come at the end of the run but I worked hard to push the pace.

Embracing the sun on the long run.

How was your last week of workouts? What was your favorite workout? What was your hardest workout?

organic runner mom
organic runner mom

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