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How to keep your motivation when you are an injured athlete.

Monday Motivation–Dealing with injury and staying motivated.

Tips For Staying Motivated When You Are Injured. Organic Runner Mom

Tips For Staying Motivated When You Are Injured.

You probably already know that I have had to take some time off from running (if not read here) which means that I have had to get creative with my workouts.  I have also had to work very hard to stay motivated so that I keep a strong base.  I want to be in tip top shape when triathlon and race running kicks back up into high gear in the spring and summer. This week I have done a lot of thinking about ways to stay motivated when you are forced into a break due to injury or other circumstances. Here are some of my strategies and I am hoping that you will share some of yours with me too!

  • Try a new workout–Join a yoga class or pilates class to work on strength, balance, flexibility and focus.
  • Challenge yourself by trying something out of your comfort zone–I recently tried the climbing wall and loved the new challenge.
  • Strengthen yourself in other ways–Try a meditation class to strengthen your mind.
  • Get outdoors–If you can’t run, go for a hike or a walk, try snowshoeing or bike riding, get out on some cross country skis.  The fresh air and vitamin D will invigorate you.
  • Learn about your injury so that you can learn new exercises to help re-strengthen and re-balance. Being proactive will keep you positive.
  • Go for a swim.  If you are not a great swimmer, take a lesson. Swimming is low impact and your body will thank you!
  • Connect with others who have had the same injury to learn new strategies for managing your injury.
  • Choose and write down small goals for yourself. Progress when you are injured can be slow so setting smaller goals will help you to keep your motivation without getting discouraged.
  • Enjoy your time off.  Giving your body a break is not all bad.  Get a massage to help relieve muscle tension.
  • Read an inspirational book about running or sport to get inspired. (I just finished A Life Without Limits: A World Champions Journey by Chrissie Wellington)

How do you keep your motivation when you are injured? Do you have a favorite inspirational book or form of exercise that helps you to stay on track?

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32 responses

32 responses

  1. I try to hit up my bike either on the trainer or the streets when I’m dealing with a running injury. It’s not even close to the running high but it’s something that makes me feel like I’m at least being active. Truthfully, I do whatever I can to make me feel better!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…Finding Yoga {Again}My Profile

  2. Injured right now and am really struggling. It’s a fracture in my metatarsal, so I’m really limited as to what I can do and man is it frustrating. Great tips here.

  3. It is so hard because it is so much more than the physical activity. I try to take advantage of the extra time by doing things I might not be able to do as much when I am in full training mode, catch up with friends, cook, read, watch netflix (lol), take a walk etc.
    Hayley@healthyregardshayley recently posted…Triathlon Training Recap 1.19 – 1.25My Profile

  4. great tips! my husband and i both have been injured for 8 months or more. It was hard but we learned to embrace other things which made us stronger in the end.

  5. Aww I know being injured stinks! A few years ago I had chronic shin splints that I couldn’t get under control and had to take some time off running. At first I was bummed but then I found all kinds of other workouts that excited me! I became stronger in different areas and when I finally started running again I was grateful for the break. Thinking of you!
    Jill recently posted…Mamma Mia’s Amazing (Dairy-free) Zucchini Bread Recipe!My Profile

  6. Great tips! I spend most of 2014 rehabbing an injury and I focused on yoga and cross-training.

  7. These are great! In the past few years, I’ve really gotten back into swimming after being sidelined from running, etc. from various injuries. Frustrating, but grateful to be able to do something good for me.
    Megan @ outlawontherun recently posted…Swimming Tips from a Triathlon NewbieMy Profile

  8. Ahhh, such a timely post for me! It’s freaking hard and frustrating when you’re dealing with an injury. I love these tips. I try to focus on the things that I can do. I love the idea of turning to meditation and reading inspiring books!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Do you have the discipline for rest and recovery?My Profile

  9. Great advice! I just found out this weekend that I’ve been running in the wrong kind of shoes for months because my feet and legs started hurting like crazy and the pain wasn’t going away! I’ve been taking a few days off to recover and hopefully no permanent damage has been made. I’m trying to focus on yoga this week instead of over-doing it when my new shoes arrive in the mail. It’s hard to focus on anything else but running when you’re injured, but I love that you’ve got some great suggestions on here!
    Kristen recently posted…Zion Half Training: Week 5My Profile

  10. Oh man Sandra, I’m so bummed that you are still on the injury wagon! But these are really great tips. I’m *sort of* dealing with an injury; I’ve got a hernia preventing me from lifting heavy weights and any plyometrics like I normally do. So I’ve got back to running A LOT. I find focusing on what you CAN do helps so much more than focusing on what you CAN’T do!
    RFC recently posted…The Treadmill MarathonMy Profile

  11. I spent 5 months sidelined with tendonitis that just wouldn’t evict itself. It was so frustrating! I found swimming and stretching to be the most beneficial for me. I’ve recently discovered Joga (yoga for athletes, designed for strength and flexibility) and it’s a great workout but gentle at the same time.
    Stephanie (@FitMomTraining) recently posted…Mayhem Monday: Meal Prep, Treadmills and Recovery, Oh My!My Profile

  12. Great advice. Sometimes a break is really what your body needs and an injury, while inconvenient, can provide that. Thanks for sharing.

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