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Just BREATHE. A Word to Guide 2019.

I have been trying to come up with one word to guide my year this year and today I stumbled upon it while reading Jill Will Run. Her word to define the year is BREATHE.

I think that is a great word to help guide me too so I am planning to use BREATHE as my focus word too.

This past year has been filled with depression, anxiety and change. All of these things make it seem hard some days to just breathe and relax. Anxiety can be all consuming. It can be paralyzing and on some days it just feels hard to breathe. I am determined to change this.

I am getting space to clear my head over the next week and to do just this, to BREATHE. I am headed to Costa Rica like I did last year as a way to kind of reboot and reset. I am going to take this time to be with me and to try to find some inner calm again. In Costa Rica I will be spending time doing yoga and surfing both activities which are calming to me. Yoga is a time for quiet and to breathe and when I am in the ocean I am able to find calm. Being around and in water has always been centering for me. And surfing requires intense focus but also calm when you catch a wave and for a moment you are floating along on top of the water. It’s a great place to BREATHE.

One thing I need to work on is not putting so much pressure on myself and learning to accept what is happening around me. I have forgotten how to breathe when I run. I feel stress and I feel anxiety. I need to remember to breathe in calm, to inhale and exhale the joy that comes with being able to get out and run. I am also taking time to take more walks (with my dog) rather than to always be in constant motion–running, Crossfitting, spinning etc. In slowing down I am less able to avoid my thoughts and more able to BREATHE. When I feel anxious I need to make time to take a few deep breaths and to use my positive mantras to find some inner calm. I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect. I need to be more forgiving of myself and to allow myself space to be ok even when everything is not what I define ads “perfect.”

My mom does a daily meditation every day. I need to take a page from her “book” and give that a try to help with breathing and finding the space to forgive and to be more gentle with myself. She uses a meditation app called “CALM” which I think I should try. This app will give me a great reminder daily to slow down and BREATHE.

CALM–Meditation App

CALM–Meditation App

I will be checking in periodically during the year to see how I am doing with my one word focus: BREATHE.

Did you choose a word to guide your year? Please share your word and your goals.

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