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Just Breathe. Checking In.

Just Breathe. Checking In.

JUST BREATHE. Checking In.

JUST BREATHE. Checking In.

At the start of 2019 I chose the word BREATHE to guide my year. Since we are well into February I wanted to check in to see how I am doing with this so far.

I began the year by going to Costa Rica where I was able to surf to my little hearts content, do yoga and be with friends both old and new in one of the most relaxing environments. This gave me a chance to reconnect with myself, to try challenging things (surfing the big waves on the line up), and to find some of my laughter again. Being in Costa Rica gave me new strength in myself and gave me a chance to breathe. If you read my blog you know I have had some stressors in my life this past year so having some time to myself to breathe has been essential.

We did yoga in Costa Rica, mostly Yin Yoga which is restorative yoga. Much of this yoga is centered around breathing into deep poses that are held for long periods of time. It is challenging for those of us who are inflexible but as you breathe into the poses you are able to become more open and the feeling when you are finished is amazing. During yoga there was also a woman who was playing singing bowls doing sound healing. As the sounds are played on the singing bowls you slow your breath and become more open. Sound healing can help with a wide array of issues by opening your chakras including: Sleep disorders, Anxiety, Depression, and Stress management. I would highly recommend sound healing!

Since Costa Rica I have been trying to attend yoga at least once a week. I have to admit yoga is hard for me because I am just not very flexible but the benefits of the deep stretching and the breathing are paying off. Yoga breathing has a way of calming and centering me so at the end of each class I feel more open and balanced. I need this kind of practice to help me with my anxiety. Learning how to breathe in yoga can help whenever anxiety creeps in because I can remind myself to slow down and breathe for a few minutes.

Now we are in Florida where I am having a great time with my kiddos. Taking this time to be with them is joyful and we are laughing a lot and having a good time. I am reminded by my kids about the small joys in life and how to not take myself too seriously. Ironically my ex father-in law brought out a singing bowl on the first day that we were here. He told me how he had discovered how playing the singing bowl has an amazing calming effect on him. My daughter has found that she likes to play it too. I may need to purchase one for myself to have at home. Using the singing bowl is meditative helps me to focus in on my breathing.

So far I think breathe was a good word to focus in on as my word to guide my year!

What word did you choose to guide your year? How’s it going?

Batik Resorts, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


One response

One response

  1. Hi Sandra,
    It was great reading your post. Its true about connecting oneself while we do what we like. I will be there in costa rica surfing too. So wish me. I haven’t tried the yin yoga and sound healing yet.

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