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Jay Peak Trail Running Festival 25K

Race adventure this weekend: Jay Peak Trail Running Festival

On Sunday I will be running the 25K trail race at the Jay Peak Trail Running Festival. Or shall I say running and hiking. There is a 1 mile section of the course boasting a 1,000 Foot elevation gain and the total elevation gain for the course during the race is over 2000 Feet. Yikes! I’m not sure which will be worse, going up or going down. Hopefully my recent full moon hike on the Franconia Ridge will have help to give my quads and calves the extra needed go power. I’ve skied at Jay Peak before but at least when you are skiing you have gravity on your side to speed things up a bit.


Franconia Ridge Trail on a perfect Full Moon Night

This trail race should be awesome prep for my first 50K, the NH Pinnacle 50K which is in about a month. The race course will travel over mountain access roads and single track in the woods (YES! I love single track trail running!). My only expectation for the race this weekend is to have a blast (if you are into this kind of crazy running you know what I mean) and to run a solid race. I am also hoping to see some other awesome members of the great trail running community here in Northern Vermont/New Hampshire.  This race will be great for practicing nutrition and hydration for the 50K too. I’ll have my UltrAspire Surge hydration pack loaded with a bladder full of water and some great trail snacks (Ignite Naturals Reload Energy Gels, Green Plus Protein Bars, pretzels, Skratch Labs (Pineapple–my favorite) Hydration Mix etc.) and I may have to try making some Feed Zone Portables from the cookbook by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim.

Feed Zone Portables a cookbook by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim

Feed Zone PortablesI–hear these recipes are amazing for endurance athletes!


Jay Peak 25K. Yikes! That looks like a monster climb!

I am excited to be racing a totally new distance on a course that I’ve never raced before. This is the kind of racing that I want to be doing. It will be an adventure for sure!


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