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It’s a Skirt Sports Giveaway for my birthday!

It’s a birthday celebration.

It's time to celebrate. It's my birthday!

It’s time to celebrate. It’s my birthday!

Today is my birthday.

Cue the music!

I’m 39.

How is that possible? The past 9 years have passed in a flash. I still feel like I should be in my 20’s Even though I’m getting older, there’s no need to feel sad. Every day is a day to be thankful for. I am lucky to have all of the love, laughter and adventure in my life. And, I still have one more year until I’m 39, right?

Instead of creating a crazy big bucket list for the next year of my life I want to spend each week setting a small goal for myself or doing something positive for others to keep positive energy flowing. Β This time of year can throw me into a tailspin of sadness with the shorter daylight hours and the feeling of being cooped up inside when the weather is bad. Instead of focusing on the negative I intend to share my passions and celebrate the little things and big things, to laugh more, and to share more kindness, and to be more joyful.

Positive Energy. Momentum Jewelry.

Positive Energy. Momentum Jewelry.

Skirt Sports Vixen Capri Giveaway

Since its my birthday I’m am celebrating with you by giving away the awesome Skirt Sports Vixen Capri to one lucky winner. Β The Vixen is my latest favorite running skirt from Skirt Sports and now I have it with capris too. While functional with mesh capris underneath that feature two pockets on each thigh, its also cute too with ruffles on the bottom. If you win you can choose either black or buzzed with black tights underneath.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you’ll join me in sharing the kindness and joy this year!!! Good luck and please spread the birthday giveaway celebration!


27 responses

27 responses

  1. Birthdays are best celebrated by an early morning run followed by an amazing breakfast out with my hubs!

  2. Wishing you the best birthday ever!!! My birthday is next month. It would be awesome to win a new lovely running
    skirt!! Your are always giving fantastic giveaways! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. To start off Happy Birthday! I could always use another cute and comfortable Skirt Sports. You can never have too many Skirt Sports in my closet.

  4. I’m doing a half for my birthday in November. The Seacoast half! Happy belated birthday and I love skirt sports!

  5. A run in the morning and then lot’s of baking (as I bake my own birthday cake after my grandmother’s recipe) followed by delicious cake!

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