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#BrilliantRun-The Sky’s the Limit

Last Saturday my friends and I went for one of those awesome #BrilliantRuns that leave you with boundless energy, feelings, of positivity and strength. We ran seven miles on a beautiful late October day as dusk approached. We ran a mix of trails and dirt roads. I was running with some of my most favorite people. Each inspirational in their own way.

Running is a typically a solo sport. However I find it can also be about being with others and finding their strengths and learning from them. You can use the strength of others as the scaffolding to your own personal success and inner-strength.

Check out the awesome women who inspire me to be strong and to go for my goals.

Ironwomen at the Iron Furnace

Ironwomen at the Iron Furnace



 Thank you for being awesome!

Who inspires you to be strong?

Top 25 Health Wellness Moms 2012 on Circle of Moms

Top 25 Health Wellness Moms 2012 on Circle of Moms


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