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It’s International Women’s Day. How Do You #SweatYourStory?

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day! | Organic Runner Mom

Happy International Women’s Day!

Did you know March 8th is International Women’s Day? International Women’s Day, ” is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.” International Women’s Day celebrates the “suffragettes” the women who fought for a right to vote, for equality. It is a day to celebrate being a strong woman in your own way whether it be through your professional or personal life. On International Women’s Day you can join the celebration of women around the world.

How do you #SweatYourStory?

Today on International Women’s Day you can celebrate getting out and doing something sweaty and gritty. It’s time to feel empowered, to focus on your goals and to attack them with determination. I work hard to sweat my story every day.  For me most days include going after my dream goals which means getting out on the pavement, out on a trail, on my bike or in the water. I take pride in being a women yet still being able to have the opportunity to go out and give it my all.

This year its all about the Triathlon. I dream about it. I read about it. I envision myself out on the race course surrounded by other strong female athletes swimming, biking, running and pushing themselves to the limit to reach their own personal goals. And then I get out there (well, right now all training is inside due to the “Siberian Express” weather keeping New Hampshire below zero for the past 2 months) and I live it. Every day I refocus my plan and hit my training hard. Each workout no matter how challenging, no matter whether good or bad brings me one step closer to the starting line and the realization of my dream. This year its the completion of my first Ironman 70.3.

I love that I get sweaty when I workout. I love that I have muscles. I love that I know so many other strong women who get out their every day  and do just the same! I long to find my endorphins every day. I am a role model for my kids and other women and hope to inspire. I sweat my story every day!

Feel Inspired. Sweat Your Story.

GracedByGrit Graced By Grit

To help you get inspired to Celebrate International Women’s Day and to #SweatYourStory GracedByGrit has asked me to share their inspirational video to help you feel inspired to go out and get gritty and to #SweatYourStory.

Here’s a little bit more that you should know about GracedBYGrit:

“The idea for GRACEDBYGRIT was conceived during a run between two entrepreneurs, Kimberly Caccavo and her run and swim coach, Kate Nowlan. There was a need for women’s athletic apparel that not only performed at an exceptional level, but was also designed in a flattering, attractive, and unique way. We had each experienced a major life event that forced us to learn what we were truly made of. Every woman has a gritty moment that could make or break her.  Every woman has experienced hardship and troubled times. It is how we make it through those moments that define us. It’s realizing that grit is often what gives us grace. We have both been GRACEDBYGRIT.”

Happy International Women’s Day. Celebrate the strong women in your life tomorrow and every day! Please share in the comments below all about the women that inspire you and share how you #SweatYourStory.

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