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Find a little motivation to reach a little higher . . . | Organic Runner Mom

I always love observing the way my children approach something new. My kids are like me and have inherited the tricky “perfectionist” gene. Being a perfectionist is a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because you are always striving to do your very best but it can be a curse because you can become easily frustrated or fearful of even starting something new at all for fear of failure. Now I know how hard my parents struggled with me as a kid to overcome the frustration and to try new things without hesitation.

Sports can be a great way to teach perseverance when something is difficult. Sports can show you that you will succeed but you will also have challenges and failures but you will be ok and you will get back up to try again.

I have been taking my daughter to the new North Country Climbing Center (NC3, Live Free and Climb!) since this winter. Every time we go she is more curious about trying new things in the bouldering area and every time she is ready to try going a little bit higher up the wall. When we go to the wall I let her climb at her own pace. The challenge for her is to get back up and climb again if she slips off a foothold or when she gets nervous because she thinks she is too high up. Every time she look down I only encourage, “Just look forward, see if you can go any further.” Every time we go I can see her confidence build and her determination to go a little bit further growing within her. Rather than letting her frustration get the best of her she tackles the wall again until she has what she says are “noodle fingers and arms” and is too tired to climb anymore.

Today she Organic Runner Girl climbed further up than she ever had before and the look of pride and joy on her face was absolutely priceless. I love watching my kids as a reminder of how to approach things in life. I love presenting my kids with these kinds of challenges and seeing their personal growth. I am learning a lot from my kids. I am finding new inspiration.

Aim High. Reach for Your Goals | Organic Runner Mom

Aim High. Reach for Your Goals | Organic Runner Mom

What lessons have you learned from kids? What adventures did you have this weekend?

Organic Runner Mom

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33 responses

33 responses

  1. I’m a coach as well as a mom so I have a great belief in the power of sports to teach our children self confidence, perseverance, teamwork, dedication (I can go on and on). And I love seeing it in action and hearing stories like your daughter’s. The climbing sounds like great fun, an adventure and a learning experience all wrapped in one!
    Debbie recently posted…Why this isn’t a SLO Marathon Race RecapMy Profile

  2. OH I LOVE THIS as you know I can relate to the child teaching me all things.
    It was an amazing weekend here as well.
    good gosh I made a LOT OF MISTAKES 🙂 (solo parenting) and yet I learned a lot as well.

  3. I am not a mother, but I am an educator, and the persistence and grit some of my students have is awe inspiring, especially the special education students who come in day in and day out with a smile on their face ready to try. THAT is something I cannot teach to others, but is inherently from within!
    Amber recently posted…What to Eat with IBSMy Profile

  4. I too believe that sports teach confidence and teamwork. My daughter teaches me something every day and I love watching her grow within the different activities she has chosen. You are an amazing mother teaching your children such valuable lessons. Your daughter climbed so high, I can just imagine how proud she was of herself! 🙂
    Stephanie recently posted…Sand Season Has Begun!My Profile

  5. My son also conquered his fear of the climbing wall awhile back! I’m petrified of heights myself so I absolutely understood his fears. Like your little girl, seeing the look of joy on his face when he reached the top was just amazing, I couldn’t help but cheer for him. It makes me so happy to see him overcome a fear, and it has inspired me to do the same as well! He even told me when he was finished climbing, “Now YOU need to get to the top, mom!”

  6. no kids over here but a proud auntie to many blood and water kiddoes. I am constantly amazed at the fresh perspective they bring. Adults tend to add their own baggage to various conversations or situations… kids are just kids!
    Mar @ Mar on the Run recently posted…Countdown to Pittsburgh: Final Training WeekMy Profile

  7. Love it. I’m reading Daughters of Distance right now – a book that delves a bit into sports and girls and what we learn and what we can be told/taught. It’s so great to see kids try new things! They trust differently and sometimes they trust more wisely than I do.

  8. Kids truly are so amazing and they inspire me every day. Both being a mom and a coach, I’ve had the privilege of seeing the various ways they go after their dreams.

  9. It amazes me the things my kids have taught me. I didn’t really expect it when I became a mom for the first time 18 years ago. My son is graduating this year and moving out to go to college. Here come the tears…again 🙂

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