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I’m sick and it’s below the neck so I guess I won’t be running.

Don’t you just hate being sick. I could be running instead!

Last weekend I met my friends for what should have been a five mile race (Fall Foliage Five) but my friend got the date mixed up (oops) so instead we turned the morning into a fun trail running adventure. During our run however my legs felt sluggish and I felt off balance as we navigated the trails. Something was off. I should have known that this was the first sign that I was getting sick.


I have been sick all week. I thought I was in the clear after dodging illness over the past couple of weeks when my kids and husband were sick. I was a “daredevil” leading up to my descent into chest cold doom, running with scissors . . . I stayed up too late, rode in the car with my husband during his horrifyingly bad coughing spells (nothing like being trapped in a small enclosed space full of germs), and snuggled up with my green nosed children.

What was I thinking?

No running with scissors! Now I am sick!

No running with scissors!

Just when I thought I had escaped scott free . . . wham! This chest cold hit me like a ton of bricks. I am sick.  I am slightly worried that it may be bronchitis.  I have been trying to take care of myself over the past week hoping that a visit to the doctor won’t be needed.  We’ll see . . .

I am very thankful that I do not have big marathon race plans this weekend like my friends running the Hartford Marathon (Go Tricia, Amy, and Caitlin. Ribbonworthy).  If that were the case I might have been out of luck! There is nothing worse than getting sick right before your big race after having logged what seems like a zillion miles.

So here I sit almost a week in and am sick and miserable and to make matters worse I haven’t been running. I am trying to be a good girl and to nurse my body back to health.  Since the highlight of this cold has been chest tightness and a horrible cough I am sticking to the runner’s rule of thumb for illness and exercise according to

“As a general rule, if you have symptoms below your neck like a bronchial infection or body aches, you need to take time off from exercising. If you have symptoms above your neck like a runny nose or sneezing you can continue working out.”

Read more:

When you are sick how do you nurse yourself back to better health?

I usually try to avoid taking medicine when I am sick if at all possible. Here are some things that I like to do to help ease some of my symptoms.

  1. Drink Lots of hot drinks. I usually prefer tea, hot cocoa, or hot water with lemon.
  2. Eat soup. This week it was homemade corn chowder and chicken noodle soup.
  3. Hydrate. I drink so much juice and water that I feel like I might float away.
  4. Run a humidifier. Even the idea of running a humidifier makes me feel better (placebo affect?).
  5. Take a lot of hot showers. Sometimes its nice to just sit in the steam in the bathroom,
  6. Get lots of extra res and sleep. This is the tough one because its always tempting to throw on your running shoes and head out the door when the weather is so amazing.

Hopefully I will be back up to speed next week but for now I’ll be cheering on all of my running friends as they seek to achieve their goals. Happy running and Have a great weekend!




One response

One response

  1. Oh man… I hope you feel better SOON!

    This is a great post, especially for the upcoming cold/flu season, so people can know how to nurse themselves back to health.

    Feel better soon, my friend!!!

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