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I’m running up a mountain tomorrow. What are you doing?

Organic Runner Mom vs. Loon Mountain

Tomorrow is the Acidotic Racing Loon Mountain Race. I am ready! I am ready to face this mountain running challenge. Earlier this week my energy was completely off and running felt like I was dragging around a couple of lead weights. Plus with all of the humidity my lungs felt tight and slightly suffocated by the humid pollen filled air. Thankfully my energy has shifted and I am ready to go for it and give everything tomorrow morning.

Loon Mountain Race

The plan for the race tomorrow is to run for me. To run because I love it. To challenge the mountain. To challenge my body and to challenge my mental strength. ¬†I want to reach the summit of the north peak of Loon via “Upper Walking Boss” and to have an empty tank. That’s what it’s about right? ¬†Putting it all on the line! (plus as an added bonus again I might be able to win the best prize for any racer . . .our very own Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs)

Extreme Protein-Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs

Be sure to check back soon for the race report. This is the women’s qualifier for the US Mountain Running Team so there will be some amazing runners out on the course tomorrow. It will be awe-inspiring!

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