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I’m not running Boston this year.

No Boston Marathon for me.

Running on the beach in Costa Rica with Nicole DeBoom of Skirt Sports

Running on the beach in Costa Rica with Nicole DeBoom of Skirt Sports

So I’m not running Boston this year.

You know what?

I am totally okay with it.

I loved running the Boston Marathon the years that I did it but I have been enjoying a shift away from marathon training. Instead of marathon training this year I have been running miles for fun. I have been running when I want to and not when I have to because my marathon training program dictates it. Don’t get me wrong I will get back to more scheduled training at some point but lately that hasn’t been what I want to be doing. This has been a big year of changes for my family. We moved to Hanover, New Hampshire this year which has been fantastic but has also brought a lot of disequilibrium into my life. A new location means a new school for the kids and new routines for me. We’ve been meeting a ton of new people and I have gotten involved in new things like CrossFit which I have to say I absolutely love. The next activity that I am hoping to get involved in is rowing. If you knew me in my 20’s you know that I was obsessed with rowing. It was my life. I was evening a novice collegiate rowing coach for 2 years. I have missed rowing and now we live in a place where rowing is one of the activities that people (not just the college athletes) do. I still have a single rowing shell and now I have an opportunity to get my boat into a boathouse here and to get it out onto the Connecticut River. To say I am excited is an understatement! I will keep you posted as to how everything goes with getting my boat on the water.

As far as running goes I am training for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon (although I have not really been focused yet). I am also hoping to do another Triathlon this summer but haven’t decided which one yet or if it will be a Half Ironman or Olympic Distance. Which would you pick? I am also hoping to do a lot more trail running and racing this year.

Don’t get me wrong a small part of me is sad not to be racing Boston but I have several friends racing so I can live vicariously through them on race day!

What racing and training are you doing this year?


6 responses

6 responses

  1. It feels good when you come to the right decision and I’m so happy you came to yours. I’ve struggled with this in the past – passing up big races – but I’ve had zero regrets.
    I’m still hoping to someday do a triathlon with you! I’m training for my FIRST half IM on June 3.. I’ll be seeing if you pick one and maybe I can join you… Miss you friend!

    1. Yes!!!! We need to pick a tri to do together? Maybe Lobsterman? It should be in a fun destination! I am so excited for you to be doing a HALF!!! You will love it and I will be cheering you on!

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