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I Love Trail Running (The #RunChat Valentine’s Challenge)


I Love Trail Running

Valentine’s Day and a love of trail running

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, a great time to reflect on love and what makes you happy. When I run I am happiest when I am trail running and this is why:

I love trail running

I love trail running

  1. I love trail running in the woods.  It is quiet in the woods. I love the sounds of the birds and the loves rustling against each other. I love hearing the sound of the snow or leaves crunching beneath your feet. I love the smell of the trees and the earth . . . fresh mud after a rainfall, pine needles. I love the sunlight peeking through the leaves as your feet softly hit the carpet moss, leaves and   gently packed soil.
  2. Trail running has saved me from the dark depths of depression. It is my therapy. It is my release. I am healed by the rush of endorphins, the fresh air, and the Vitamin D.
  3. I love coming around the corner on a trail only to discover a surprising view . . . an unexpected waterfall, a sweeping postcard view, a hidden cabin in the woods.
  4. I love trail running because it requires intense focus (you have to pay attention or a root might suddenly leave you with your nose in the dirt).
  5. I love trail running because it has allowed me to learn to love being alone. I am a true extrovert (ESFJ according to the Myers-Briggs) so being by myself has always been a challenge but now I relish the escape into the peaceful and quiet woods.
  6. Trail Running has helped me to become more adventurous and to set more goals. I want to run up mountains and run longer distances and to see new places.
  7. I have discovered some of my best friends through trail running. We can run together in complete silence or talk the entire time even while pushing up big hills and it is fun either way.
  8. I love trail running because I live in Northern  New Hampshire where trails are hidden everywhere so why wouldn’t you choose to run on the trails instead of the road?
  9. Running on trails at night can be an amazing adventure especially if the moon is full.
  10. Trail running makes me happy . . .it’s just that simple

Why do you love to trail run?

Why do you love to run? Join the #runchat Valentine's Day Challenge and spread the love of running.

Why do you love to run? Join the #RUNCHAT Valentine’s Day Challenge and spread the love of running.

If you want to join in with “spreading the love of running,” #RUNCHAT is hosting a Valentine’s Day contest with some sweet prizes from Sparkly Soul and StrideBox to name a few. All you need to do is this, “The challenge is simple: make a list of 5-10 things you love about running. Blog about it and then post a link in our comments . . .to find out more please click HERE.

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10 responses

10 responses

  1. I am so looking forward to getting into trail running this summer. I figure it will be a good change of pace, I love nature, and it will be shaded and cool in the summer months. I love everything you said about it, and yah, running IS therapy.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Do you have some good trails near you? Yes, the therapy from trail running and running in general is the best!

    1. Thanks Laura! Maybe if you end up moving you will live closer to some great trails. If you are ever visiting NH I could take you on some amazing trail runs! Let me know when your post goes up and I will add your link 😉

  2. I am with you all the way here! Running makes my heart soar and my soul sparkle! And trail running is always my first choice! I am even going to try to my first official trail race this year 🙂

  3. I love trail running too! I have done a 100K and 40 mile trail race this year already. I run on trail 75% of the time. If you are not running some trail, you are missing out!

  4. I LOVE trail running for all those reasons! It’s definitely an escape for me. I find it so different from road running. When running on the road I’m very connected to my running but on the trail I’m able to disconnect and actually forget that I’m running. I, too, love turning a corner and seeing nature’s beauty in a waterfall or a stream, or even fungi on a log. Trails fill up my soul like nothing else…the best kind of drug! Happy V-Day!

  5. I love your descriptions of why you love trail running, I feel exactly the same way! When I want to treat myself to the ultimate gift, trail running is what I choose. From one trail lover to another Happy Valentines day!

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