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I just want to inspire you.

Be Inspired

Be Inspired

I just want to inspire you . . .

Did you know that I once had dreams of becoming a lightweight women’s rower on the US National team? I was closing in on this dream. Working my tail off. I rowed during my year in college and was a two time Varsity Captain. Then during the summer months I spent most of my time on the water rowing two a days with rest and strength training in between. I spent two summers in Lightweight Women’s Development camps. One was in Syracuse, New York focusing on becoming a stronger rower with more technical finesse in the lightweight single. Another summer was spent driving down to Philadelphia’s famed boathouse row every morning and afternoon to row out of Vesper boat club with some amazingly strong, focused, and intense lightweight women rowers. My doubles partner Anne eventually went on to row on the National team.

While this dream faded away I funneled my passion into something new. Life’s path led me to coaching collegiate freshman women rowers at Bates College which I adored. I shared my passion with others showing them how to row with determination, strength and technique. Every practice watching them improve, megaphone in hand barking instructions and motivation. I was inspired and in awe of their ability to work together and to start to dream the way that I did. Perhaps my dreams were contagious. They weren’t the biggest rowers in the NESCAC  but their hearts were big. Their desire to put everything on the line on race day and at each day during practice was contagious. They were confident and they were unstoppable! 2nd place and then 3rd place at our championship events, the best finishes in the history of the freshman women’s rowing program. I knew that besides giving the skills to row well I had kindled a fire within that couldn’t be extinguished.

As I continued down my life path, I was no longer rowing but found a new passion in running. While I am not on my original path with rowing and coaching I have found ways to continue to challenge myself through running. And running led me to my blog. My blog is the place where I can share my dreams with you and hopefully reach out and inspire and motivate you in a similar way to that which I did when I was coaching. I want to share my passion and my energy for running with you. I want to help you to find your grit and determination to go after what you want.

I just want to inspire YOU!

I hope that you will continue to keep reading as I continue to find new ways to help you build on your dreams!

Happy running!

Organic Runner Mom


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