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I am joy, courage, love, and passion.

Last week I spent a full week totally immersed at Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny in Palm Beach, Florida. 6 days of inspiration and introspection and I have some important new takeaways for the new year. I am ready to shine my light brighter in 2020. I resolve to live a year as joy, courage, love and passion.

One of my major takeaways after the week is that I have been spending so much of my time living in self-doubt and loving others but not myself. I have been halting forward progress for myself for fear of not being perfect thus dimming my passion for the things that used to bring me joy and excitement.

I am ready to reclaim my former light that used to shine so brightly, the light of passion the one that I used to shine for myself and also for other people.

Once upon a time there was a girl in her early 20’s. She was a rower, turned coach. She was determined to turn a group of women who had never rowed before into champion rowers. She spent the year following them in a motor boat at all hours of the day, at sunrise and at sunset. On choppy water and on calm. In cold, sun, rain , and wind. She shared her own intense passion and insight with these young women every day challenging them to be courageous, to find their inner strength, and to give to their teammates by giving their all. She showed them technique and watched as they began to row in sync, in unison, with magical timing with each powerful dip of the blades into the water. Every day she trusted them and they trusted in her because they felt her overflowing passion and joy for the sport. They felt her drive and her courage, her energy and how much she loved them and loved herself. Finally it was time for the championship row. The day they had worked for all season. She set them free for she had taught and given them all they needed to know. And on the command of ROW! They came together with passion, with joy, with energy, with courage and with love! They rowed their hearts out that day, crossing the line in second place. As they crossed you could see their excitement. A best ever finish for the novice women. They rowed into the medals dock and received their medals with grace and gratitude. Upon reaching the shore they all climbed out of the boat and quickly huddled around the young woman, the coach and they all cried tears of joy, tears, of passion, of courage, and of love.

I am joy, courage, love, and passion! #inspiration

This is the energy that I had lost so many years ago. They energy and passion that I could no longer see. I am ready to reclaim it as my own. I am ready to shine. I am ready to take on 2020 with the spirit of the young woman, the coach that I once was. Sometimes we get so lost on our path but my eyes have been reopened.

2020 I am coming for you!

What are your words?


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