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How to Get Clean After Running and HERO Soap Review

How to get clean after running.
How to get clean after running.

*Disclaimer: I was sent samples from the HERO Soap Company for my review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

You run. You sweat. You run some more. Then you return to your car and you stink and are soaked in sweat. It happens when it is hot and it happens when it is cold.

How do you get clean after running? There are some simple things that you can do to spruce yourself up before you have time to get home and shower. These simple tips will help you to spruce yourself up after your run.

  • Always Bring a Change of Clothes-I always bring a change of dry clothes for after running because I am usually soaked through. Staying in sweaty clothes after you run will make you cold and plus you might be a little bit smelly! I try to bring something that is comfy and easy to change into. I have become a ninja master at changing my clothes in the car.
  • Use Shower Wipes-There are two great brands that I love, Epic Wipes and Shower Pill. Both types of wipes come in an assortment of sizes. They are perfect for the post run wipe down when you can’t immediately make it to the shower.
  • Bring a hat-Sweaty hair don’t care? Well, sometimes my hair is so crazy sweaty after I run that it is nice to throw on a hat to cover up the sweat. My favorite hats of course are Headsweats Truckers (you can get one for 35% of using my discount code runnermom35 at checkout!)
  • Jump in a Lake-This is a good option in the summer time if your run starts and ends near a river or lake. It can be refreshing to jump in post run plus you will be somewhat cleaned off.
  • Take a French Shower-This is only a way to cover-up the smelly situation temporarily. You can apply deodorant after you run.
  • Hit the Showers-And of course taking a nice, long hot shower when you are done is the ultimate way to get clean using your favorite soaps and shampoos to scrub off the sweat and grime.

HERO Soap Review

Hero Soap Company
Hero Soap Company

I have recently discovered a great soap to use post run that also gives back for every purchase. Hero Soap is made from liquid goats milk which is gentle on your skin. Hero soap uses Essential Oils rather than traditional fragrance that is added to most soaps. The soaps contain coconut and palm oils.

HERO Soap Peppermint/Cool and Spearmint
HERO Soap Peppermint/Cool and Spearmint

HERO Soaps come in 6 different scents including Peppermint and Spearmint. There is also a Scrub that you can purchase. Each soap costs $5.99. They smell so good because of the essential oils and I love that the soaps are made from natural ingredients!

Check out @organicrunmom’s review of @hero_soap. Perfect for helping you get clean after your next long run. #runchat #veteran #herosoapcompany #herosoap

The HERO Soap Company is Veteran Owned. A portion of Hero Soap Company sales will be donated to charities that help veterans, police, & fire rescue!

How do you get clean after a run? Do you have a favorite type of soap that you use?

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5 responses

5 responses

  1. I haven’t heard of this brand before but I always keep some sort of wipes in my gym bag and in my car, especially in the summer. I will run errands after my morning runs on the weekend and those wipes come in handy!

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