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How do you find your running groove?

How do you find your running groove when its gotten lost?

Getting back in my running groove

Getting back in my running groove

I have to admit I’ve been feeling in a bit of a running rut lately. I have been running as a part of my triathlon training but I have been more focused on improving my swimming and biking this summer because those are definitely the weaker parts of the triathlon for me. Honestly I haven’t felt in a good running groove for over a year now. My body has been plagued with injuries for the past several years (first my foot and then my back). With my run training broken up between swims and bike rides I have not been feeling the connection with running that I used to enjoy. I have rarely been having those runs where you feel like you can run forever. My legs often feel heavy and my body feels slow. Any hint of a tweak or small pain worries me that it might be the start of another injury. Perhaps this is just what happens as you get older? I will be 39 this fall and my body is starting to feel creaky.

I long to “fly when I run. When I was training to qualify for my first Boston Marathon in 2012 I had the best year of running of my life. Running felt easy. Along with speedwork in my training came PR’s in almost every race that I ran. Including a 1:37 PR at a half marathon (a 12 minute PR) and BQ of 3:33 at The Around the Lake Marathon where I shaved over 13 minutes off my marathon time. Those runs while full of hard effort felt “easy.” Perhaps it is the increased busyness that daily life brings with busy kid and family schedules that also brings chaos to a well planned out training schedule. Perhaps it is lack of self-discipline that has taken over. Are these the things that have gotten me off course with feeling my best while running?

This fall I am on a quest to find the ease of the road and lightness on the trails. I want to get back to where running feels good. I want to find the love of the run again.

How do you get back into a running groove? I’d love to hear your strategies. 

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8 responses

8 responses

  1. This resonates so much with where I am right now. Between work, motherhood and trying to defy the signs of aging muscles and tendons, I just want running to be a part of me forever. I’ve had to adjust by finding what training and mileage works for my body, right now-at 40:)

  2. I’d give anything to go for a run right now but I know that the injury thoughts will be swirling in my head for months when I do return. I’ve made great gains in the past 2 years but then crashed and burned with 2 big injuries. I don’t really know where to go from here. Maybe get back to your true love, trail running I’m guessing, to get your groove back. Good luck!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…What’s for Dinner? {Week of September 6}My Profile

  3. It can be hard when you shift your focus, even if you are still doing the same things as before in some capacity! Like I still lift, but my love for it isn’t there. Something that might work might be to look at running as a way to be better at your other pursuits–find a NEW way to love it, rather than demanding that it be the same old love?
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Magnificent Mile Women’s Half Marathon and 5k Race Review #magmilehalfMy Profile

  4. Oh I hear you! I’ve been plagued with injuries and just when I felt like myself again and running felt good and effortless last fall, I had to lay off running thanks to shoulder surgery. And creaky! I feel so creaky. Maybe it is getting old and adjusting to what that means but I hope not. I hope we both find that feeling again and soon!

  5. I’m so with you on this! Being injured and then the slow come back has really thrown me off my running groove. Right now I’m trying to care less about the clock/pace and just run – may not be the best strategy for my upcoming races, but I’m hoping it will help me recapture my love of the run!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Running Pet PeevesMy Profile

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