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Hoka One One Challenger ATR Review and Giveaway

Hoka One One Women’s Challenger ATR Review

Hoka One One Women's Challenger ATR Review

Hoka One One Women’s Challenger ATR Review

Are you looking for your next pair of running shoes? Do you need something that is versatile and can be a workhorse the trails and  on the road too? Hoka One One has the perfect answer for your upcoming running adventures in the New Year.  Hoka One One’s Women’s Challenger ATR is an all-terrain running shoe (kind of like a hybrid bikeI that is great for rugged trails with roots and rocks as well as for smooth roadways. When I received my shoes I was so excited to wear them and promptly took them for a run!

The Look

Hoka One One Challenger ATR  running shoes

Hoka One One Challenger ATR running shoes

These shoes do not have the look of the original Hoka One One’s that I first spied when I was pacing a friend at the Vermont 100 Trail Race. The original Hoka’s that I saw at that race were reminiscent of Moon Boots  and lacked in style. This shoe is exactly the opposite and while truly a maximalist shoe (with Early-Stage Meta-Rocker) it has a more sleek look while still being a rugged trail ready shoe. The shoe comes in Dresden Blue/Neon Coral, Fuschia/Plum, and Astral Aura Flame. The Challenger ATR comes with standard laces and extra insoles.

The Feel

The Feel of the Hoka One One Challenger ATR Running Shoe

The Feel of the Hoka One One Challenger ATR Running Shoe

The Hoka One One Challenger ATR despite its maximalist looks are lightweight on the road and the trails. If you are not used to a more maximal shoes be prepared to the feeling of being “up high.” These shoes feel flexible through the mid-foot as your foot strikes the ground. The soles featuring 4mm Lugs provide grip and traction on the road as well as rocky and root covered trails. I like the grippy feeling on the wet leaves and pine needle cover on the trails. This shoe runs a little wider than I am used to so have to pull the laces tight. However the wide toe-box  is awesome for longer distance giving your foot room. I love the feel of the heel of this shoe because it is high and keeps my narrow heel from sliding around or  feeling as though I might step out of the shoe. As I get older I also appreciate the feel of the cushioning of this running shoe because it feels less jarring to my joints when I tackle a long run.

The Dirty Details

Just Keep Running!

Just Keep Running!

  • This shoe is considered to be a neutral shoe but I have discovered that I love the stability that maximalist shoes proved.
  • Shoe Geometry:
    • Offset: 4 mm
    • Forefoot: 24 mm
    • Heel: 28 mm
  • This shoe has Hoka One One’s signature “Early-Stage Meta-Rocker” that, “creates a unique fulcrum effect, like a rocking chair for your foot, encouraging a guided gait cycle (SOURCE).”
  • It has a Full EVA Midsole which provides better shock absorption as well as making this one of the more comfortable running shoes that I have worn.
  • 4mm Lugs Provide All-Terrain Traction
  • Rubber Pods Provide Stability on Uneven Terrain (The one thing that I would mention is that the higher platform of this shoe can take some time to get used too.
The Sole

The Sole

The Verdict

The verdict is in . . .

The verdict is in . . .

The Hoka One One Challenger ATR is now in heavy rotation in my shoe line-up! I wore this shoe on my last trail run on Saturday for a meandering hour and a half run with a friend along the Connecticut River. This trail is not only gorgeous but is technical with lots of stream crossings, slippery rocks, and roots. This running shoe provides my foot with stability and comfort. I love the aggressive tread that gives great traction especially on wet surfaces. I also enjoy the feel of this shoe on the road. The lightweight feel allows me to find speed and I love the way my feet don’t absorb as much shock from the hard surface of the road.

Hoka One One Challenger ATR Running Shoe Giveaway

Lucky you! You visited the blog on the right day just in time for another awesome giveaway! Now that you have heard all about my latest favorite running shoe the Hoka One One Challenger ATR you now have a chance to win one a pair to take you towards your next big goals! All you need to do is to check out my Rafflecopter below to enter to win. I’d love to have you pass this giveaway along to your favorite running addict to spread the love. Good luck and thanks for checking out my review!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Where will your Hoka One One Challenger ATR running shoes take you this year?

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62 responses

62 responses

  1. I’ve wanted to try Hoka’s since I saw them at an Ultra I ran. These shoes could take me off road, hitting the trails for healthy happy runs of great distance!

  2. I’ve been wanting to try Hoka’s for a while! I’m 4 months post-partum and just want to wait a bit to make sure my feet are back to their final size 🙂

  3. My shoes definitely have a few too many miles on them, so as I’m thinking about shopping it’s great to hear about the brands that other people love!

  4. I would start doing trail running!! There is a half marathon called Dog Lake that would be my first adventure. There’s lot of other fun options here in the PNW too! I’ve really wanted to dive in, but my shoes aren’t quite cut for the trail and being on a budget does not allow for more then one pair of running shoes right now.

  5. I would love to hit the trails in my hometown, San Diego. I wore Hokas when training for and running my first marathon last spring. I also tried on the ATR model at the store and loved it, but couldn’t justify the additional purchase since I was focusing on road running at the time.

  6. I just started trail running this year and I’m loving it. Hope to do my first ultra in October, a trail event. Thanks for the info on the Hokas.

  7. Hopefully they will take me back out running the trails. My wife and I had twins this year, and lets just say that my time has not been devoted to running. But thats just fine by me but I do need to get back in shape.

  8. Hopefully to the Bay to Breakfers race in San Francisco next Spring! In the meantime, I would be training with them.

  9. Hopefully to the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco next Spring! In the meantime, I would be training with them.

  10. I’ve been wanting to try Hoka’s for awhile now, so I would love to win these :)! I’m doing a bit of road running through late spring, but then hope to hit the trails all summer – so they’d definitely take me to some great trail runs, and hopefully ultra marathons!
    Kate A. recently posted…Turkey Tracks 5KMy Profile

  11. I split Friday’s run in two. The first run was just over 4.5 miles. Second run was with my daughter in the stroller for just over 3 miles. Oddly enough, the stroller doesn’t really slow me down that much. I was surprised when I was looking at my splits because it feels like I’m pushing 2 tons on stroller runs.

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