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Good Eats: Snack Frosting? FROST’D Review

FROST’D Snack Frosting

FOODIE Review–FROST'D Snack Frosting

FOODIE Review–FROST’D Snack Frosting

*Disclaimer I received two jars of FROST’D in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Hi friends! In addition to being an endurance sports junkie I am also a foodie. I grew up in a family of foodies where no matter what somehow talk at some point always circles back around to food. I am always on the lookout for new foodie finds to share with you and this summer stumbled across something that I knew I need to share with all of you with a sweet tooth. Who doesn’t crave sweets after a long training run, ride or swim? My sweet tooth goes off the charts after I have burned through a triathlon or marathon training workout and sometimes just a little sweet snack is enough to satisfy that craving.

Enter FROST’D. Snack Frosting? Say what? I thought frosting was only for cupcakes and cakes and to be licked by small children off of their fingers and cupcake tops leaving only the cupcake behind. Not any more, kiddos, this is an adult frosting, minus the cupcakes (although you can definitely spread this on top if you like!)



FROST’D was created by Jessica a self-proclaimed sweet tooth entrepreneur and Ultra Runner in Boulder, CO (in my world Boulder seems to be a mecca for producing all things good!). When she’s not running she loves baking but was disappointed to discover the lack of natural frostings. Most frostings use palm oil as a main ingredient. Jessica knew she needed to do something different and created this small batch coconut oil frosting in 3 tantalizing flavors: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Mexican Hot Chocolate and Honey Lavender Lemon.

What’s in FROST’D Snack Frosting?

Snack Frosting FROST'D Madagascar Vanilla

FROST’D Madagascar Vanilla

Creator/baker/runner and entrepreneur Jessica created the three flavors using gluten free ingredients. It is also dairy free, Vegan and GMO free.

Here are the main ingredients in the Mexican Hot Chocolate to give you an idea of what’s inside:

  • organic confectioners sugar
  • organic refined coconut oil
  • sunflower liquid lechitin
  • organic dutch cocoa powder
  • organic pure Madagascar  bourbon vanilla extract
  • Sea Salt
  • Organic Cayenne Pepper
  • Organic Cinnamon
  • YUM!

How will you eat your FROST’D Snack Frosting?

FROST'D Natural Coconut Oil Frosting Mexican Hot Chocolate

FROST’D Natural Coconut Oil Frosting Mexican Hot Chocolate

Eat it however you will! Frost’d can be eaten on a spoon right out of the jar. I like to eat it with fresh organic fruit or to dip pretzels in it. FROST’D would make a special treat on pancakes, french toast. There are so many options!

What way would you eat FROST’D Snack Frosting?

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