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Goals for the Boston Marathon

GOALS! Boston MArathon 2017

GOALS! Boston MArathon 2017

Goals! Goals! Goals!

You are probably getting a bit tired of the flood of posts about the Boston Marathon but seeing as I said this will be my last marathon (?????) I’ve got to get these thoughts all down on (virtual) paper.

Ok, so your first question is probably is this really going to be your last marathon? This is a tough one.

Organic Runner Dad and I were talking about this last night. We were talking about Boston and I was telling him how fired up I am to run and how good I feel. I am truly in some of the best shape of my life right now (maybe not the fastest) but I have honestly been working my butt off! Other than my brief hiatus to head to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for a week (can you say Spring Break for 40 year olds with no kids tagging along!) I have completed pretty much every workout prescribed to me by my coach. I have sucked it up this winter and run countless miles on the treadmill due to wicked New Hampshire winter weather and a traveling husband. I have forced myself out the door when my body felt too tired to run, I ran 20 miles in a blizzard (I think everyone in my tiny town of 800 thinks I am bonkers), I have run hill repeats (up and down), I have fartlek’d, I have swam and flip turned, and spun on my bike, and I have lifted until I could squat no more. So back to the question of will this be my last marathon . . . yes . . . but . . . I know for my health and my family this is the best plan and there are so many other races and distances to run . . . BUT we haven’t ruled out trail marathons because that’s a whole different beast because you can carry a pack and hang out the buffets aid stations and gorge yourself on sandwiches, and chips, and gummy bears . . .BUT what if I BQ (run a Boston qualifying time again) at Boston????????

This is the big question . . . I have been lucky! Out of my three times running the Boston Marathon (2013 and 2014 (as a qualifier, and 2016 (with Team Stonyfield) I was able to re-qualify AT BOSTON (in 2013 and 2015). And you know what my ultimate goal is for the Boston Marathon this year is again . . . TO RUN A QUALIFYING TIME! I am 40 now so just like last year I need to run a 3:45 (well actually faster in order to make the cutoff) and I know I have it in me! If I run a smart race and run like I did at the Eastern States 20 Miler and keep my head in the game then I know that I can do it! And as a not so secret TOP SECRET goal I am hoping to run a PR (My current PR is 3:33.33 from 2012) but that’s a reach goal, an up in the air pie in the sky goal but you never know . . . on those magical race days where everything comes together, the weather, pre-race prep, physical and mental health and strength, physical fitness, heart and desire and running a smart race anything can happen. I’ve always dreamed of a sub 3:30 . . . we’ll see what this body and heart can do!

So if I run that BQ . . .will I run again next year? You’ll just have to stay tuned . . . anything can happen right? Life is an adventure! We’ll see where my next goals lead me!

Ultimately when it comes down to it my number one goal for the Boston Marathon this year is actually to have fun, to soak it all in, to run my own race, to celebrate my running friends joining me in Boston and my family cheering me on and to finish the race feeling healthy, happy, and strong!

And in case you want to track me on Marathon Monday, my BIB NUMBER is: 20717. I will be starting my run at 10:50 a.m. You can track me through AT&T alerts. Head on over to this link to find out how!


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7 responses

7 responses

  1. I am so excited for you, and all the people running Boston on Monday!!
    Wishing you all the best! Enjoy every moment!! And don’t forget to run happy 🙂

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