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Goals for November

November Goals Check-in
November Goals Check-in

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a goals check-in so here we go!

Continue working with my Physical Therapist. CrossFit is no longer working for me. I have a pinched nerve in the left side of my upper back under my scapula. I am no longer able to do the high weight, high rep lifting that you do in CrossFit. What it came down to was that I had numbness in three of my fingers in my left hand. I went to see the Chiropractor who worried that it was a disc issue (thankfully not!!!!). She sent me on to the Physical Therapist who determined that it is a pinched nerve. She is working with me to strengthen my back and hips. I still have back issues in my lower back from an old injury which is adding to the troubles in my upper back. Thankfully my P.T. has been able to relieve the numbness in my fingers by doing gentle spinal manipulation.

Start working with a Personal Trainer. Last week I met with my friend Pam who is a Personal Trainer. She works with my P.T. sometimes and had talked to her about what exercises would be appropriate for me. We are going to be working on a lot of core strengthening. She is also working with me on doing all of my exercises with a neutral spine with low weight, high reps. Maintaining a neutral spine is not something that I was able to do when I was in CrossFit which is one of the reasons that I ended up where I am with my back. I am excited to be doing strength training that will help my back and also that will be more focused on making me a stronger runner.

November Goals! #goals #goalscheckin #runchat

Run a Turkey Trot. There is a local Turkey Trot in Hanover, New Hampshire that I am thinking about signing up for. They have a 5K and a 10K. I am considering the 10K as I prefer running longer distances. Before I sign up I have to make sure I know what my Turkey Day plans are. I don’t have my kids this year so this might be a good way to stay busy.

Sign up for some Spring 2020 Races. I am excited to look ahead to the spring and to sign up for some races. I am currently contemplating signing up for the Pineland Farms 50K at the Giddyup Trail Running Festival which happens over Memorial Day in Maine. I haven’t run anything over a half in two years so if I do bite the bullet and sign up I will have to do some serious work on building up my mileage and it will need to be mainly on the trails. I am also hoping to sign up for some races with friends in the upcoming year. It would be really fun to do a Racecation!

Do you work with a personal trainer? Are you planning to run a Turky Trot? What are some of your November goals?

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6 responses

6 responses

  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that your back is hurting from CF. I’ve always been reluctant to do the CF workouts because of the pacing–which is why I always come in DFL. I’m good with that. I hope you feel better soon.
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  2. OUCH!!!!! Hoping things feel better for your back! Not every form of fitness is a good fit for everyone else, it’s great we have unlimited options 😉 I organize a local turkey trot every year in my town. It’s very informal…in other words, no timing mat or official traffic control LOL But, we do accept food donations for our local pantry, and the participation has grown every year.

  3. I have never worked with a personal trainer. I know it’s worth the money, but it seems like such a big expense. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your back. That is never fun. I will likely do our local Turkey Trot with my kids this year, unless I have to work.

  4. You’ve got some admirable goals. Oh wow!! Im.sorry you can continue with Cross Fit. I’m so glad you sought professionals to help you get to optimal health. Wishing you success this month.

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