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It is not supposed to be snowing! It is May!

First of all, it snowed today. What the %$#@? It’s mid-May and feels like it may never warm up.

In other news I have been working hard to get my life together as a single Mom and have been doing new things. It is empowering! Last week I grilled hamburgers, using my grill for the first time ever by myself. This may not seem like a big deal but to me it is another hurdle in this new life of mine to overcome.

New car with a silly girl making faces!

My second big milestone was buying a new car all by myself. I have been thinking about trading in my car now for awhile but have been scared to go to the dealership. Yesterday I finally bit the bullet went in and grabbed the bull by the horns and negotiated a deal for a new car. Go me! I can’t believe I did it! I am so excited. In case you are wondering I am now a proud Subaru owner and enjoying that new car smell!

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Even though I am training for a half marathon my running has kind of been all over the place this last week just due to some things going on in life. Instead of an hour run solo this Sunday I got to enjoy run/walking a trail 5K with my kids on Mother’s Day. Their first ever 5K! There may have been some grumbling along the way but they both did it and both finished 4th in their age group. I am hoping that they will want to try again at some point but we’ll see, hahah!

The Dirty 5k on Mother’s Day

This week I am tapering . . . well not really but taking it pretty easy with running since the Wallis Sands Half Marathon is on Sunday. Leading up to race day i’ll be getting in some short runs including some running as a helper at Sarah Canney‘s (Run Far Girl) Rise, Run, Retreat happening in Woodstock, Vermont. I’ll be helping out and joining in the fun on Thursday and Friday and then on Saturday, my ex sister-in-law Kelly and I will be heading down to Portsmouth, NH to get ready for race day. Packet pick-up is at Runner’s Alley so I may acquire some new running gear . . . we’ll see. We are also going to hit up the outlets in Kittery, Maine as they are close by and even have a Lululemon outlet.

As far as Goals go for race day my goals are simple. The number one goal is always to finish smiling and happy about my race performance. I am not putting too much pressure on myself for a time goal as it has been awhile since I raced. In the fall I ran a 1:45 and change at the CHaD Hero Half Marathon. That time was run on a very hilly course. The Wallis Sands Marathon is a mostly flat course so I am hoping to better my time from the fall. As far as by how much? We will see. I hope to run even splits for the first half and then work towards negative splits for the second half. I am excited to run and just have a fun time!

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As of today the weather for race day looks like it will be 48 degrees in the morning with a high of 62 and partly sunny. Right now those look to be pretty ideal conditions for running. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather hold though because we have been having so much rain (and snow!) that it is hard to imagine that it won’t be raining. I am waiting to plan my race day outfit for a few more days.

What races do you have coming up? What are some things that you have accomplished that you were scared to do?

organic runner mom
organic runner mom


3 responses

3 responses

  1. Wahoo! Congratulations on grilling all by yourself AND buying a car all by yourself . You should be very proud of those accomplishments!
    I can’t wait to see how you do in the half this weekend. I just know you are going to kill it!
    I don’t have any races on the calendar for quite a long time. I have really been focusing on finding my “why” again… Why do I run? Plus, I’ve really started incorporating strength training and core work. I’ve been reading a lot about how those are both so important in running and hopefully for me, gaining some speed back again.
    I qualified for Boston last year, and I want another BQ. I feel so far from being in that shape (physically and mentally), but I have faith I can get back there!
    Enjoy your taper this week, and hopefully you’ll have some warmer sunnier days!

  2. That snow is crazy! Yay on grilling and buying a new car. I consider myself pretty self-sufficient, but those are probably two of the last things I would do on my own. Yay for your kids doing the 5K – what a fun Mother’s Day thing. Good luck this weekend!
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