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Go the Extra Mile and a Hyland’s Giveaway

Go The Extra Mile

Go the Extra Mile

Go the Extra Mile

*Disclaimer: This post contains a giveaway from Hyland’s Homeopathy. All opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

What does it mean to “Go The Extra Mile?”

go the extra mile

To go beyond what is necessary or expected in order to please someone, achieve something, or get something
done correctly.
Athletes in search of a personal goal must go the extra mile to see their dream become a reality. At the 2017 New York City Marathon the running world watched as Shalane Flanagan crossed the NYC Marathon finish line as the first woman. She was the first U.S. woman to cross this finish line in 40 years and for her she was seeing all of her hard work, commitment, dreams and going the extra mile coming together in a perfect race. She is a role model for women everywhere and her words, “F*CK YES” and the tears and fist pump as she approached the finish line are what so many of us will use to find inspiration as we chase our goals and dreams.

Tips for Going the Extra Mile in Your Training 

  • Add in an extra rep, push up or lap around the track.
  • Ask your coach to add in some extra workouts to challenge you without overloading you.
  • Get to bed early so that you will be well rested and recovered.
  • Eat well. Paying attention to how you are fueling yourself during training and racing can add to your physical performance.
  • Find a training partner who challenges you to push harder and go faster.
  • Train alone. This can be harder than training with a coach or another runner because this training will make your mind stronger come race day.
  • Balance out your running with cross training and strength training. Making time for other disciplines can make your stronger and help to keep you injury free.
  • Add in an extra workout.

Hyland’s Homeopathy Giveaway

Hyland's Powered

Hyland’s Powered

Now to help you in your quest to go the extra mile in your training and daily life I have partnered with Hyland’s for a “Go The Extra Mile Giveaway!”.

*Proclaimer: Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

This awesome Go The Extra Mile Giveaway from Hyland’s has everything for the busy and fit mom (Value $90)

Go the Extra Mile with Hyland's Powered!

Go the Extra Mile with Hyland’s Powered!

When you enter be sure to share with a friend!

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Calling all Teachers! Team Hyland’s Runs Boston! 

And in other news! This year Hyland’s is recruiting TEACHERS to be a part of the Boston Marathon! Hyland’s is an Official Boston Marathon sponsor and this year they are putting together an all teacher team to run! To find out more and to send in your application or to pass it along to a teacher friend you can APPLY HERE! The window to apply closes on November 20th. I am a former first grade teacher and know that the determination and dedication that teachers give to their students every day is exactly what it takes to train for and run the Boston Marathon! 

I’d love to hear how you “Go The Extra Mile” in your training! Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments as well as to tell me which Hyland’s Homeopathy product you are most hoping to try!

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9 responses

9 responses

  1. For me, the extra mile is sometimes, just literally, an extra mile. And I do always try to run it faster and harder, when I’m out there.

  2. I’m just starting to run again after having a baby and moving across the country. Every day feels like lots of extra miles. I am grateful for them all!

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