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Getting Back on Track

Getting back on track!

Getting back in balance and getting back on track!

Getting back in balance and getting back on track!

I just needed a break from running. But now I’m ready to get back at it. Running just hasn’t been fun for me lately. I have had a lot going on lately and when I run I have been spending too much time in my head. Now I’m ready to jump back in feet first!

Even though I haven’t been running much I am going to go and race the Under Armour Killington Mountain Running Series 10K on Saturday. I am not concerned with the results of the race. My main goal is to have a blast so that is what I intend to do. I am ready to have some fun on the trails and to spend time in the woods. The other great part about this weekend is that I will be getting to see three of my awesome blogging/runner friends. Also racing this weekend will be Sarah-Run Far Girl, Allie-Vita Train For Life and Ultra Runner and Fitness coach Crystal Seaver. If you don’t follow any of these incredible ladies yet you should definitely check them out (click the links above).

It’s crazy to think that the summer is drawing to a close already. My kids head back to school next week which is nuts. Along with back to school comes the transition into fall running. This fall I hope to do at least one race with my kids. I am also contemplating running the CHAD Hero Half Marathon again this fall as it is now local to me, for a great cause, they have a kids fun run, and you can race in super hero costumes! If I don’t race the CHAD half then I’d like to find another pretty fall race to do. There are so many great races to choose from. What are some of your favorite fall races?

I don’t have any big goal races for the fall other than the super awesome Los Coyotes Trail Ragnar in California (Use CODE: RAGNARSWEATPINK at checkout for $80 off standard 8 person team or $40 off for a 4 person Ultra) but am starting to look ahead to next year. I’ll let you know when I have my big goal races lined up. I am chomping at the bit to start with some serious training again and am also thinking about starting to work with my coach Denise Goode of The Sustainable Athlete who I have used in the past. Do you work with a coach?

Ok! Let’s Do this!

What are your current goals?

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13 responses

13 responses

  1. Sometimes a break from running is so needed! I normally take a week of running after a marathon, but sometimes I think the body just needs a reset!

  2. Sometimes, having a break makes all the difference! I hope you have fun on that fall marathon, and yay for California! I get to go back to see my family later on this year so I’m really looking forward to that! :]

  3. I think we all need breaks from time to time. I hope you enjoyed yours.

    We’re on our second week back to school already, so our summer is done and over. Pretty crazy, huh?

    Enjoy your race this weekend! Have fun!

  4. YAY!!! I’m beyond excited to see all of you as it has been WAY too long. My goal for the race is the same so hopefully we can do it together!! xo

  5. Sometimes a break from running is just what you need to rediscover your love of it — or at least want to work it back in again. Great tree pose pic. 🙂

  6. Welcome back!!! Taking a break from that which we love only enhances our love for it…at least that was the case for me last summer when I was sidelined for three months.

  7. I am on a break from running also! Sometimes it is needed!
    My goal right now is to get physically healthy so I can GET back to running!!

  8. nothing wrong with a break!!! I’m going to take one most likely in middle october! First I have Warsaw Marathon end of September and Amsterdam Half Marathon in October. Anything after that will be short distances and for fun!! Not planning anything yet for next year until I hear about a few lotteries I entered for big races (London, Tokyo). I want to do something reallllly different (for me) so I’m considering going to Tel Aviv for the Half in Feb or to Laos, Nigeria for a marathon that a friend of mine helps organise. We’ll see.

    Good luck on your race – those the best kind if you ask me – for fun and no worries about goal times, etc!!!

  9. We all need, and deserve, a break every now and then. I’m sure that your break did you a lot of good and hopefully that’ll result in a great fall season for you. I love that you want to run a race this fall with your kids. What a fun way to get the whole family to be active!

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