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Get out and Get Moving with your Kids During the Pandemic!

Get out and Get moving with your kids!
Get out and Get moving with your kids!

Rail Trail Bike Riding -Bike riding with your kids can be a super fun way to get out of the house. If you have a rail trail near your house this is a perfect place for bike riding because the terrain isn’t too challenging and social distancing is easy. Mountain bikes are the perfect choice for riding because the terrain on a rail trail can be bumpy but not too technical.

Scootering-My kids have scooters that they love to ride. They ride them around in our garage and we also like to go find empty parking lots for riding where the terrain is flat but smooth.

Go for a hike-Hiking is somewhat limited during the pandemic as many of the major hiking trails have been closed to the public. However you would be surprised to find that there are tons of available hiking and walking trails in your local area, you might just need to look a little bit harder. Even just a walk in the woods can be a good way to get out and get moving and exploring.

Hiking fun!
Hiking fun!

Family Run-Getting our bodies moving on an easy run is a fun way to get out. We have lots of dirt roads to run on which is nice because car traffic is limited. It can be fun to bring the dog along on a family run.

Dog Walk-Our dog has been extremely happy during this time because he has been getting extra walks. This is a great daily activity and habit to get into with the kids.

Dog Walking
Dog Walking

Get out and get moving with your kids during the pandemic #stayactive #activekids

How have your been keeping your kids active during the pandemic?

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5 responses

5 responses

  1. Great tips.
    I see a lot of families on their bikes these days. I guess kids enjoy it more than walking.
    It must be hard for parents, I really admire how everyone is doing their best.
    Catrina recently posted…Commit to be Fit!My Profile

  2. YES!

    Little man has been keeping up with his virtual karate classes. He has also been riding/scootering/skateboarding in the neighborhood. Now that we have Luna, he is taking her out for small walks and fresh air. I would love to do a day at the beach here and there, but it’s hard for me to haul stuff AND walk on the sand, so we have to figure out the logistics of that.
    Jenn recently posted…week 20 (2020): wrapping up 6th grade + puppy loveMy Profile

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