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What Inspires you to run?
What Inspires you to run?

Where do you find inspiration and motivation to run?

You wake up and throw on your running shoes and head out the door but what drives you to do it?

Starting any new workout regime including running can be a challenge because you need to feel inspired to do it. Here are some ways that you can find inspiration and motivation to get out and run.

  • A new pair of running shoes. They always feel amazing right?!?
  • Blue sky and sunshine. Soak up that vitamin D.
  • Time with a friend. There is nothing better than ticking off the miles with a friend and letting the conversation fly. A friend makes a great accountability buddy too for helping you to get out there and to get moving.
  • A new playlist. Turn up those tunes and just rock out on your run.
  • A new running route. Adventure on. Try going somewhere new on your next run you may discover some great new sights.
  • Endorphins. Enough said!
  • Looking great in that new pair of jeans you just bought. You know we all think about that at times.
  • Running with a significant other. Miles together mean smiles together.
  • Stress Relief. The endorphins and the time out in nature all help to relieve stress.
  • Spirituality. Running can be very meditative and spiritual in nature.
  • An adventure in the woods. Try trail running to mix things up. There are great trail networks all over the place you just have to look.
  • A hot shower. There is nothing better than getting all sweaty on a run then taking a long hot shower!
  • Get out under the stars. Grab a friend and head out for a night run under the moon and stars. The beauty of it will be simply inspiring.
  • Treat yourself to a delicious coffee or treat post run. It’s more than ok to reward yourself for the hard work that you put in running the miles.
  • Sign up for a race. Nothing motivates me more than having an end goal to work towards.
  • A training plan or running coach. Having a plan to stick to helps with accountability and can help you to get out and run on a regular basis.
  • Read an inspiring running book such as Born to Run or Let Your Mind Run by Deena Kastor
  • Watch the Olympic Marathon Trials or other exciting running events.

What inspires you to run? I’d love yo hear your favorite ideas! #runspiration #running #runchat #womensrunning

What gets you inspired to run?

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One response

  1. Having new gear or a scenic route on tap are the best motivators for me, aside from Scooby staring me down!

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