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Future Organic Runner Girl on the run?

Be a role model for your child and she will reach for her goals!

Your children will mirror what you do.  You are a role model. I am proud of the healthy active lifestyle that I lead and hope that my kids will grow up to love being active in the outdoors as my husband and I do.  Through my running I am modeling goal setting. I am modeling hard work and determination. I am modeling the importance of moving your body.

Yesterday I spent the day at home with my kids and as usual their was a ton of imaginary play happening. My daughter (age 4.5) loves to pretend that she is having birthday parties and tea parties. The theme of the birthday party at our house was as she exclaimed, “It’s an Exercise Party Mommy.”  Piper led her brother Brock (age 2.5) and me through a series of events. The first was trampoline bouncing to see how high you could go. The next was basketball with our mini tykes hoop. Brock was excited exclaiming, “I scored 2 points!!!” Then Piper instructed me it was my turn for running. I decided to see if the kids would like to try the treadmill with the belt actually moving. We tried it all three together. Brock did not like it, “It’s scary Mommy.” Piper however wanted to keep going.  I kept the belt moving at a slow pace but she ran for awhile. When we cheered for her, “Go Piper!” she said, “No Mommy, I need to focus.”

I love the determination and the smiles. Even if she is not a future “Organic Runner Girl,” she will achieve big things in life! Look out for this future girl on the run!

Future Organic Runner Girl-Girls on the Run

Future Organic Runner Girl

What do you like to do to encourage your kids to be active? How are you a role model for your children?

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