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FUN-#Runnerdphotoaday Challenge for @ihaverun

September 6-FUN #runnerd Photoaday Challenge form @ihaverun

Many people would think this is not fun. In fact many people would think it is just plain nuts. But call me crazy I think hills are a ton of FUN! I have always loved running hills.  Perhaps it is the challenge or perhaps it is the reward of the extreme endorphin kick when you reach the top.  Plus I love the feeling of letting go on the way back down. You can imagine that you are a little kid running around like crazy and just let your legs fly. Plus today I even managed to hit some splits that were a sub 6 min/mile pace as I came to the bottom. Now that was a first!

2 miles up a super steep hill that seemed to go on forever and 2 miles of speed on the hill back down

2 miles up a super steep hill that seemed to go on forever and 2 miles of speed on the hill back down.

Do you love running hills like me? I’d love to hear all about it!

Speedy feet on the way back down.



4 responses

4 responses

  1. You go girl! I find hills to be a lot of work, although I do enjoy a good downhill now and again. My biggest problem with them is in hilly races. I really have to manage my pace so I stay strong throughout.

    1. I have definitely had to work hard at becoming a better hill runner. My coach from The Sustainable Athlete ( has told me to focus on keeping my pace even on the uphill rather than to try to attack it as I sometimes want to go faster just to get to the top more quickly and then my legs are burned out by the end. I have also been working on staying more relaxed on the downhills so as to let gravity do more of the work and just let my body go. Good luck conquering the hills and happy running!

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