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Fresh Friday Five. Hopes and dreams.

Fresh Friday Five. Hopes and Dreams |Organic Runner Mom

Fresh Friday Five. Hopes and Dreams |Organic Runner Mom

It’s time for another Friday Five linkup with You Signed Up for What?!,  Eat Pray Run, DC and Mar on the Run!

As this week ends I have been thinking all about transitions and change. As we move into summer I realize how big my kids have gotten in the blink of an eye. Just like that my daughter is wrapping up her first grade year and my son will be leaving pre-school to become a big kindergartner next year. I am so amazed by all of the incredible things that my children have learned to do during the course of a year. My daughter now writes her own stories, can sing a solo in front of an audience, can read piles of books, can swim like a fish, draw beautiful ballerinas and so much more. My son can write his name, is an emergent reader, has taught himself to whistle, can create masterful machines with legos, and is a master at telling jokes and coming up with theories on how the world works. All I can do is marvel at the incredible growth that I see in these two little humans who fill my heart with love and laughter on a daily basis. As I watch them grow and transition from one stage in life to the next I have many hopes and dreams for them.

Five hopes and dreams.

1. May you always make laughter with each other, with friends and with loved ones. Fill the rooms and the places that you travel with giggles, and hearty belly laughs, laughter until there are tears.

2. May you always ask questions. Be a an explorer in life. Seek out new knowledge everywhere that you go. Discover why and how things work and push to always learn more.

3. May you follow your dreams. If you want to sing, learn the music and get out on that stage. If you want to build a tower, learn how to follow the directions and start building!

4. May you always play. Run, jump, skip, hop, throw a ball, spin around. Find a way to incorporate play into your day to engage with your environment and to lighten your mood.

5. May you be a team player. Work hard on your own to do your very best and then use your strengths to help for the good of the group.

What dreams do you have for the ones that you love in your life?

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Please vote for me to be on the cover or Runner's World Magazine

Please vote for me to be on the cover or Runner’s World Magazine

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10 responses

10 responses

  1. This is beautiful Sandra! Yesterday I had an AHA! moment when someone, who hasn’t seen my kids in a year, commented about how big they are. Of course I know that they are growing by leaps and bounds but when someone else points it out, it makes me want to cherish each and every minute I have with them even more.
    Angela @ happy fit mama recently posted…High Five FridayMy Profile

  2. I love the hopes and dreams you have for your kids! It’s so amazing to see our children grown up into their own people. My oldest is graduation from high school next week and I am a combo in denial and not wanting to let go yet also so amazed at the incredible person he’s become

  3. May you not be judgemental, but welcoming and warm. I’ve just seen a lot of judgement going on around me and I would love to see people giving others the benefit of the doubt — knowing that everyone in going through their own challenges.

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