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Friday Five. Five key elements to becoming a successful runner.

A successful runner. A running role model.

Running on the Kingdom Trails with my best running friend and running role model.

Running on the Kingdom Trails with my best running friend and running role model.

After I ran with one of my best running friends B.  last week I  began to think a lot about what makes her such a good runner. I consider myself to be a good runner but feel that it often feels like work and I don’t feel relaxed or even look relaxed while I run. My friend B. has been my training partner since I first moved to New Hampshire when the running “bug” first took hold. She has trained with me for short races and long races, both road and trail. She has trained with me for the Boston Marathon even though she wasn’t even racing herself (now that’s a true friend especially when our 20 milers all happened in Arctic like temperatures).

B. became a runner long before me. She was a competitive runner through high school and college and has run impressive race times at the Boston Marathon and has even completed the Vermont 100 Ultra in under 24 hours (now that’s just crazy). I have always admired her running form as her body always seems relaxed, her chest open to breathe in strong breaths, and her strides long like a gazelle. She makes running look easy at any pace fast or slow, up a mountain or down a hill, doing a speed work or just running long and steady.

B. is definitely one of my running role models and someone who I think about whenever I run.  Here are five takeaways from running with B. that will help me and hopefully you too to be a successful runner.

Five key elements to becoming a successful runner.

  1. It’s not always about how fast you are going . . . you must run with PASSION and Heart!
  2. Stay focused on your splits when it really counts but sometimes it is important to go out and run for fun too. Grab a group of friends and go out for a long run/chat. You must never lose the reasons you love to run!
  3. Let your body relax when you are running. There is no need to carry so much tension in your body when you run.
  4. Share your running passion with others so that they will join you in challenging, motivating and inspiring each other.
  5. You most love the run! Being able to run and move and adventure on two feet is a true gift!

Please pass along these simple running lessons that I have learned from one of my best running friends B. These lessons will carry you a long way on your two strong legs!

What do you think makes you a successful runner?

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6 responses

6 responses

  1. Great post – You definitely need to do it with love. When you don’t do things with passion – they’re never enjoyable!

  2. Running is definitely something you need to enjoy doing and it’s always easiest when you are having fun. 🙂

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