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Friday Five: Changing Gears

Friday 5 Changing Gears

Friday 5 Changing Gears

It’s time for Friday Five

This week there has been change in the air. The sun has been warming New Hampshire and we actually had a day this week that felt like summer. I New Hampshire we are all ready to shed the layers of clothing in favor of sundresses and tank tops, and to ditch the boots in favor of flip flops, sandals and bare feet. When the weather warms and the sun stays up late, gloomy moods become more cheerful and our natural energy levels rise with the additional vitamin D and fresh air. There is nothing better than sending the kids tumbling out the door to spend hours adventuring in the woods and fields behind our house, biking, playing in the dirt and sand, games of secret time travel where they share hush hushed giggles as they race by. This is the good life.

This article from the Washington Post, “Lessons from β€˜The Goonies,’ and from the loss of unsupervised time for kids,” By Clint Edward made me thankful that we live in a place where our kids can explore and experience there surroundings in ways that are not always possible for kids anymore. Our kids celebrate finding special treasures out in the fields such as quartz rocks, or stones flattened by our brook now resembling pancakes, last spring they even found a fawn sleeping in the tall grass who had been left to sleep while the mama deer went in search of food. These magical moments are irreplaceable and keep the magic of childhood alive.

This is the time of year that all New Englanders wait so long for every year. When it comes it is a relief for we know that we have survived another winter and many dark, grey days.

The newness that spring brings is also a reminder to try new things. Spring is a great time to set new goals and to do things that challenge you.

Friday Five: 5 Personal Challenges

Here are five ways that I am challenging myself now:

  • I have decided to try out for an adult Acapella group. I sang acapella in high school and for a year in high school but since then I’ve become a car singer and spend time singing silly songs and karaoke with my kids. Music has been missing from my life and i am hoping to find a way to fit it in. At the try-outs the other night we learned a new song in 3 part harmony. There is nothing more magical than layering the different parts together for the first time and hearing the intricacies of the notes woven together.
  • I am going back to therapy. It has been awhile since I have checked in with my therapist who was so wonderful in helping me with my PTSD after the Boston Marathon. This winter i have struggled to keep myself in a happy balance and there is a realization that I need to go back and talk and share and work through some of the tougher emotional self that lies under my cool, calm exterior.
  • I am decluttering my house. My mom and Dad would tell you that I was a pack-rat when I was little (It’s been pointed out to me that this can be no different than being a hoarder). While our house is not crazy cluttered I have a need to surround myself with things and often have difficulty in letting go. I have learned that I attach memories to everything I own especially my clothes for some reason. This makes it especially hard to get rid of what I own in favor of a simpler life. I am working on this with the help of my husband. I recently cleaned out a ridiculous amount of clothing that I will be donating to our local Salvation Army. I am working to simplify!
  • I am going to reset my sleep scheduleΒ (this is not a new goal but one that I need to continue challenging myself to do!). I have created terrible sleep habits for myself and g to bed way to late every night. I need to set a “curfew” for myself to help with my positivity, wellness, and overall health.
  • I want to challenge myself on my bike to ride more, farther and faster than before. I am still so new to road biking and was reminded of this at the Timberman Half Ironman which I will be racing again this summer. I still feel like a beginner and sometimes still feel like I may not be able to clip out of those damn clipless pedals in time. the only way to get better is to ride, ride ride! I also want to start riding with more people to push my comfort zone with speed a bit.

What are some ways that you are currently challenging yourself right now?

Runner’s World Cover Contest

I threw my name in the Runner’s World Cover Contest Again this year! I’d love to have you take a peek at my entry. It would be amazing to be chosen as one of the ten finalists!

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13 responses

13 responses

  1. I think these are really great personal challenges. I ran my first marathon April 3rd, and trained 6 months for it. I am trying to get my mojo back… because I need to start training for NY come June ! So right now, my personal challenge is to give myself a break and some much needed down time.
    Karen @ Fit in France recently posted…Five foods latelyMy Profile

  2. Love your challenges!! Totally right there with you on the sleep – I need more of it and have to put things down and go. to. sleep πŸ™‚
    Also, I would like to dive into decorating my house – we moved 7 months ago and I haven’t done a lot.
    Decluttering is such a wonderful feeling – we got rid of so much when we moved. It’s amazing how many kids clothes are in the garage waiting to be donated!!
    Excited to follow along with your half ironman training! πŸ™‚
    Natalie recently posted…Staying Safe On The Trails: 6 Tips For Trail RunningMy Profile

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