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Friday Five: Ask We Why We Choose Organic Food.

Why do we choose organic food?

5 Important Reasons to Choose Organic

5 Important Reasons to Choose Organic, photo credit James Valastro

I’m obviously a runner and triathlete but I am also incredibly passionate about organic food and the organic food movement. Before I met my husband Jesse, I actually didn’t know very much about organic food. We moved to New Hampshire the day after Jesse graduated from Bates College so that he could give working on the family farm in the family business a try. Call me crazy, but this suburban Philadelphia Girl from “The Main Line” was actually the one who encouraged him to come back to our little town of less than eight hundred people. 15 years later I have become a passionate advocate about choosing organic food whenever possible and about supporting sustainable and humane agriculture.

I love our life in a rural community as opposed to the suburbs where I grew up. We are lucky to be surrounded by family farms that are thriving. We now have family members who farm for us right in our town and I also ride and run by an organic dairy almost daily. Our farm with our organic free range hens is only a short ways from our house. It is amazing to be able to see farming up close and to be able to see how organic food is produced right at the source. Not everyone is so lucky. There is a rapid decline away from the agrarian lifestyle. the number of family farms in this country is dropping at a shocking rate and the number of farms who follow sustainable, organic and humane practices has also decreased.

Here are five reasons to choose organic (although there are many more!)

Video Credit James Valastro

  1. By putting organic foods on your family table or by choosing to eat them before your go for a run you are reducing the amount of pesticide exposure through the food.
  2. Choosing organic means that your food is GMO-Free, USDA Certified Organic Foods do not use genetically modified ingredients.
  3. Organic farming is done with sustainable practices that help to protect the precious farmland and also in ways such as re-using materials by composting.
  4. Organic animals are raised in humane conditions such as our hens who are given free range or cows that are grass fed instead of being kept in feed lots
  5. Eating organic food will also prevent you from eating foods that were raised antibiotics. As a mom and an athlete I feel good knowing that organic foods are not produced in this way!

When choosing organic you need to do your research as with all foods to know more about the farmer, the company and its business practices. As with anything knowledge is power. It is important to be an educated consumer so that you know what you are purchasing for you and your family.

What is your favorite organic food? What is your favorite reason for choosing organic?

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