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Friday 5: 5 reasons why spring running is so great!

5 reasons why spring running is so great!

5 Reasons Why Spring Running is Great!

5 Reasons Why Spring Running is Great!

As I write this I am watching snow steadily fall in New Hampshire. Will spring ever arrive? In spite of that let’s talk about the great reasons why spring running is so fantastic.

  1. Ditch those layers. Yesssssss! After running and living in layers all winter it is time to shed some layers and break out all of the cute running gear that has been hiding in your closet all winter. I get so tired of having to don many layers when I go out to run. I often have 3 on top, long tights, tall ski socks underneath, a neck gaiter, a winter hat and gloves. That is a lot of gear to be wearing but when you run in New Hampshire that’s what it often takes to stay warm and cozy while you are running especially when the cold winter wind is whipping. I am so ready to break out all of my capris and running skirts and to run with only one layer on top!
  2. Racing season is on! For many of us runners spring is the beginning of racing season. Many of us having been training through the winter months keeping a solid base so that we can ramp up training in the springtime and attack those big goals. For me this year I am starting things off with the Wallis Sands Half Marathon on May 19th and then we’ll see from there. I am thinking I will be focusing on Half Marathon distance but may throw in some shorter mountain races and maybe even an end of summer triathlon (jus maybe).
  3. The birds. This is one thing that I love about spring running. All of the songbirds return and greet you when you are running. The other day my friend Bridget and I came upon a whole tree filled with Chickadees just singing away. My favorite spring bird to share its song is the Red-Winged Blackbird who often sits on the electrical wires and sings as you run by.
  4. Trail running. With spring comes snow melt which means mud but it also means that many beloved trails begin to open up for running. IT may take a bit longer here this year due to the massive quantity of snow that we have had but nonetheless its going to be a great season ahead of trail running. As a precaution be sure to run with a bear bell as this is the time when the bears are starting to come out.
  5. Runners, runners everywhere.ย It is much easier to find motivation to run when you see runners hitting the roads and trails everywhere. While there may have been the die hard runners out there during the winter many more runners appear when the weather gets nice and when the daylight hours are longer.

Now that I’ve shared these fantastic reasons to love spring running I am sure you are ready to head out the door!

What are your favorite reasons to run in the spring?


11 responses

11 responses

  1. Yes!!
    Even in SoCal! And the sounds of the birds has me ditching the earbuds often
    I’m excited for you to really go after that half in May! I will be following along with your training and cheering for you all the way!
    Go get ’em Sandra!!

  2. Ditching layers is high on my list too! Longer runs in milder temps is also a major plus. Once itโ€™s green and trees are budding and everything in blooming – now THAT is the best

  3. It cracks me up because racing season is pretty much coming to a close here. There are maybe two or three big ones left, and then it’s 5Ks until mid September.

    I don’t even know what spring is anymore. It’s cold, it’s hot, it’s pleasant, it’s miserable. I was freezing on a 40-something degree run this morning, and I’m about to put the air conditioning on as our temps soar. It’s ridiculous.

    I hope you enjoy more pleasant days.

  4. Spring finally showed up this week in Houston! I will send some warmth and sunshine your way! I do not miss running with all those layers on!
    Looking forward to hearing about your half in May! You will rock it!

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