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Fresh Review. Skratch Labs Fruit Drops Energy Chews.

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Skratch Labs Fruit Drops Energy Chews in Raspberry and Orange

Remember when you were a little kid and you used to say, “Goody, Goody Gumdrops” which can be used as an, “expression of joy, happiness or delight,” by the Urban Dictionary? Well, I’m officially changing that to,”Goody, Goody Fruit Drops!” because that is how good the new fruit drops energy chews from Skratch Labs are.  And, no I am not kidding! I have been waiting for Skratch Labs to release an energy gel or an energy chew for a long time and now. At Skratch Labs they still hope that your first choice will be to create “real food portables” first before reaching for the processed stuff which is awesome (check out: Feed Zone Portables). But now, Skratch is giving you another option which I was lucky enough to be able to try out just before they went online for order today (HERE).

Goody, Goody Fruit Drops!

Goody, Goody Fruit Drops!

Yesterday I opened my mailbox to find a package from Skratch Labs containing a secret little surprise. As a Skratch Labs Taste Agent I was being given a first try of their new product. Yes! I love the convenient little packages which will fit neatly in my cycling jerseys or in the pockets in my Skirt Sports running skirts. I saved my endurance goodies until today and enjoyed the raspberry fruit drops energy chews during my 1:20 trainer ride with hill efforts. The flavor is great, not too sweet, not too sour.

So what’s the secret behind these and what makes the so good. Here is a quick rundown on what the new Skratch Lab Fruit Drops are all about directly from our friends at Skratch Labs:

  • 15% less sweet than competing products
  • cane sugar and tapioca are the primary ingredients–this according to Skratch is “to get two sugars–fructose and glucose–that better matches the ratio of transporters for these sugars in the small intestine.”
  • 160 calories per pouch
  • 160 mg sodium to help with sodium loss due to sweat
  • REAL fruit flavor
  • Smaller number of ingredients! No catnuba wax, coloring agents, additional vitamins, perfumes or flavoring agents.
  • Not sticky!  Sour sugar coating on outside made from apple acid and citrus acid.

I’d have to agree that the Skratch Labs Fruit Drops Energy Chews definitely live up to my expectations! I love using energy chews on a long run or ride because sometimes I am not ready to for a whole energy gel all at once. The flavor choices that they selected are nice because they are easily palatable. I can’t wait to use these as a part of my fueling for triathlon and running training this summer.

If you want to find out more about Fruit Drops from Skratch Allen Lim talks more about them here in this blog, “Fruit Drops- Energy Chews Reimagined.”

Skratch Labs Fruit Drops Energy Chews  (Image from Skratch Labs)

Skratch Labs Fruit Drops Energy Chews (Image from Skratch Labs)

What is your favorite way to fuel for endurance. What other flavors of Skratch Labs fruit drops would you like to see?

P.S. I almost forgot to announce the winner of the Skratch Labs Cookie Mix Giveaway! Congratulations to Angela Rae! You have been sent an e-mail to let you know that you are the winner of this delicious giveaway. Please enjoy your awesome prize!

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5 responses

5 responses

  1. Sounds like a good alternative to gu. And easy to use small amounts. Love to try it.

  2. Cookie mix, dang I’m sorry to have missed that, lol! I like energy chews best too and also the honey stinger waffles . . . no goos, they are hard to swallow for me

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