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As I roll on through the adventure of being a newly minted blogger and putting my writing out there for all to see I am constantly thinking about how I can change what I am doing. I consider myself to be a “Fresh” blogger, new to writing and finding out how I can use my blog to inspire others. This blog will probably be going through a metamorphosis for a while. I am discovering my style of writing and how I want to share my musings with you each time I write. I have found that when I sit down to write I often begin writing about one thing and the topic evolves. It was a hurdle to begin this new adventure and sharing my thoughts and ideas for all to see. But I have been working on changing and growing and not holding back for it is too easy to take things in life for granted. This blog is something I have wanted to begin for a long time.

On Fridays I will now be posting what I call “FRESH Fridays” where I will try to share something new. I will share fresh inspirations, new adventures, fresh ideas about food and recipes that I have tried, and more. I hope you will enjoy what I have to share and that you will find some inspiration in one way or another in what I am writing. I appreciate any and all feedback and hope you will continue to follow me on my adventures as a ORGANIC RUNNER MOM


Today I am inspired by thoughts of love and togetherness of a community coming together in times of sorrow. Our community lost a beloved young teacher and mother over the weekend in a terrible tragedy. Please read the articles attached below to find out more and to see how you can help.

Pink . . .love wins

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